The Charm of Making

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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The Indians who participate inrepparttar Gallup Festival includerepparttar 142223 Pueblos, as well as their more recent rivals,repparttar 142224 originally nomadic Navajos;repparttar 142225 latter's distant kinrepparttar 142226 Apaches andrepparttar 142227 Comanches; andrepparttar 142228 more northern Great Plains-dwelling Sioux. Even members ofrepparttar 142229 far-off eastern-forest and Northwest Coast tribes attend. It is an occasion on whichrepparttar 142230 various factions withinrepparttar 142231 Native American population agree to set aside their differences and remember their brotherhood. For decades Campbell had wanted to attendrepparttar 142232 event.

'It was an amazing thing,' Jean remembered. 'There was a parade and then all these dances, fromrepparttar 142233 different Indian tribes... (Jean was trying to write downrepparttar 142234 choreography ofrepparttar 142235 different dances). At nightrepparttar 142236 dancing ground, a huge open space onrepparttar 142237 edge of Gallup, {A small desert town when I would travel through it a few years ago.} was lit up by campfires ofrepparttar 142238 various groups of performers--tents all around--then more dances. It was really unforgettable.'

So impressive wasrepparttar 142239 experience that Joseph and Jean repeated it two years later, in 1952. This time they sharedrepparttar 142240 excursion with another couple who were friends from Woodstock, Jane and Wendell Jones. The itinerary includedrepparttar 142241 Zia Pueblo, and a closer probe into Navajo country that was familiar to Campbell from his work on Navajo mythology.

Towardrepparttar 142242 end of their visit,repparttar 142243 Indians ofrepparttar 142244 Zia Pueblo were going to perform some ceremonies; Wendell and Jane had gone their way, and Joseph steeredrepparttar 142245 car downrepparttar 142246 long, dusty unpaved road towardrepparttar 142247 isolated Pueblo. It was a very traditional affair, to be culminated by a rain dance. Jean remembered thatrepparttar 142248 men had a purplish paint on their skin {Refer to our section on purple in 'Science' please.} Various ceremonies were enacted, but in early afternoon when it was time forrepparttar 142249 rain dance, one ofrepparttar 142250 elders knowing that Joseph and Jean were due to return to New York that evening, took them aside. 'It's going to be raining soon,' he said, 'it's going to pour, and it could affect your trip. You'd better go now.' Joseph and Jean said their goodbye under gathering dark clouds that just seemed to materialize out ofrepparttar 142251 boundless western skies. They got into their car and began to drive eastward toward Santa Fe. And then it began to rain.

It was pouring when they finally reached Santa Fe and found a little rooming house. It rained all night, and after they started out inrepparttar 142252 morning, 'it rained in every place we drove through onrepparttar 142253 way back. We couldn't seem to get away from it. Finally we arrived in New York, and just gotten home, when it began to rain. By now we couldn't believe what was happening. 'Those guys are pretty powerful,' Joe said." (3 A Fire inrepparttar 142254 Mind)

Joseph Campbell was one ofrepparttar 142255 premiere anthropologists and he wrote stories that native people throughoutrepparttar 142256 world knew would reachrepparttar 142257 human race. It is unlikely that each ofrepparttar 142258 peoples who exposed him to such treats didn't knowrepparttar 142259 impact ofrepparttar 142260 books he wrote; andrepparttar 142261 continuing need to teachrepparttar 142262 white manrepparttar 142263 error of his ways would be a part of their purpose. He has many such stories and his credibility and honesty is renowned, but his thoughts on 'bliss' are sublime.

Be careful what you wish for - you might get it.

It's Not Your Fault!

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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The important thing about learning and allrepparttar research I have done in writing about sixty (60) books including an encyclopedia, is this. We are connected and all energy has structure an consciousness or soul. It is being proven in science but I knew it long ago. I have seen many ofrepparttar 142113 ‘CONnections’ and lots of ‘CONstructs’. The joy of creating, I mean really creating, come through inrepparttar 142114 kind of thing Nils Bohr said. He said every great truth has an opposite which is also true, and a trivial truth has an opposite that is simply false; or something to that effect. When you see or feel a template or integraterepparttar 142115 data that once seemed confusing there is a rush of creative realization (Thank you Bucky!) which is almost orgasmic or better. I hope Teilhard is right about one template seen by one person will impact ‘all that is’. I trust there are people who will decide to make a real difference rather than pursue animal rights or abortion andrepparttar 142116 myriad other issues that create confusion and lead society away from ethical constructs. I wonder if there are enough?

The title is the most important line in the movie Good Will Hunting.

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