The Chaos Theory for the Webmaster and Internet Marketer

Written by Copyright 2003, John Calder

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While workingrepparttar phones, he continued to tweak and refinerepparttar 108222 script. The first thing to be dropped from his script wasrepparttar 108223 Pepsi vs. Coke question. He had learned fromrepparttar 108224 school of hard knocks that this technique created more problems than it helped to solve.

"How are you doing today," was just as effective asrepparttar 108225 Pepsi vs. Coke question, and it did not carry with itrepparttar 108226 baggage of deception.

With some tweaking and trial-and-error, my friend had managed to increase his closing ratio by 50%.

With his success in hand, he approachedrepparttar 108227 boiler room managers and shared with themrepparttar 108228 secret of his success --- his new script.


The new script was employed immediately andrepparttar 108229 sales ofrepparttar 108230 entire team rose in accordance withrepparttar 108231 results that my friend had accomplished. Within days, my friend was offered a position withrepparttar 108232 management team. Although my friend turned downrepparttar 108233 promotion --- a new town every 90 days did not appeal to him ---repparttar 108234 lessons learned were taken with him into his other sales positions.


If you were to anwerrepparttar 108235 email concerningrepparttar 108236 Pepsi vs. Coke question, you would be asked for ALL of your personal information and told that you were "entitled to these great deals from our partnering sites. Simply check this box and you'll get dozens of daily FREE offers; coupons, special discounts and more sent directly to your email address."

Oh, I see. You did not care what my response was. Instead you really want me to give you permission to send me daily advertising from dozens of other online companies! Yeah, right.


Duringrepparttar 108237 everyday, I see promotional campaigns like this all ofrepparttar 108238 time. Overrepparttar 108239 last year, I saw several companies userepparttar 108240 same technique, but changerepparttar 108241 question to something that people felt more strongly about. Instead of asking about a preference in soft drinks, they instead asked about opinions aboutrepparttar 108242 Iraq War.

All of these companies use this technique to get people to sign up to receive advertising by email. Who would have thought answering a question such as this could generate so much email?

It is no wonder that direct email marketers have such a bad reputation.


A really talented telemarketer is able to talk to people and quickly create a dialog withrepparttar 108243 consumer. The utilization ofrepparttar 108244 Pepsi vs. Coke question seeks to overcomerepparttar 108245 fact that most telemarketers are not talented in creating a dialog. No matter how you phraserepparttar 108246 question, a stupid or deceptive question will never permitrepparttar 108247 salesperson to overcomerepparttar 108248 initial hurdle of creating a promising or productive dialog withrepparttar 108249 consumer.

Sales and marketing lessons taken from books are good, when they are utilized properly. As our examples show, a lesson that has value can easily be implemented badly. And, a badly implemented sales technique can actually cause more damage that having no technique at all.


I hope my examples have shown you not to take sales techniques out of context. Don't just jump into your sales campaigns with some half-baked scheme that is based on something you may have read somewhere. If you are going to expend resources to try to develop sales or leads, then make sure that you are going to getrepparttar 108250 best bang for your bucks.

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Written by Eric D. McClenon

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