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Written by Terry Dashner

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As a life-long student of science, history, philosophy, and theology, I’ve come to refuterepparttar notion that scientists cannot be devoted theists. Every discipline has its absolutes, even science. For example, science is governed by certain physical laws. It is an absolute fact that oil and water cannot mix. World history records historical fact, as opposed to legends, fables, mythology, andrepparttar 144182 revisionists. Philosophy is logical because truth is logical and universal (it’s nonsense to contradict truth whether one is an American or a citizen of any other country inrepparttar 144183 world). And theology has its absolutes. As a theist, I believe this absolute truth: God exists.

As a life-long student of life in general, I find it curious that many famous scientists of history were devout Christians. Their faith didn’t interfere with their vocations. Their vocations were enhanced by their faith. Here are just a few Christian scientists of history: Carl Friedrich Gauss, Blaise Pascal, Georg Cantor, and Sir Isaac Newton. Carl Friedrich Gauss said this, “There are problems to whose solution I would attach an infinitely greater importance than to those of mathematics, for example touching ethics, or our relation to God, or concerning our destiny and our future; but their solution lies wholly beyond us…” God is above all andrepparttar 144184 Creator of all things. Keeprepparttar 144185 faith. Stayrepparttar 144186 course. Jesus, who is God’s only begotten Son, is coming soon. Pastor T.

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK. US Navy veteran, retired police officer, and father of three grown children. A U.S. patriot.

Oak Island and Constructs

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Hitler modeled his concentration camps afterrepparttar Turkish treatment of Armenians, andrepparttar 144181 overall degradation ofrepparttar 144182 Jews was a continuation ofrepparttar 144183 Black & Tan regime foisted uponrepparttar 144184 Irish. The American Civil War included Irish people fighting for both sides torepparttar 144185 tune of one third ofrepparttar 144186 total combatants and many of them joined Louis Riel's Métis after that war. The whole of recent history has an element of those things brought about byrepparttar 144187 diminishment of women 5,000 years ago when Abraham started his baby-factories and women were eliminated fromrepparttar 144188 status of equal participants who deserved education. The Council of Carthage in 397 A.D. legalized or formalized a broader spiritual degradation to second class whoredom that had begun many years earlier.

I guessrepparttar 144189 cultivation of positive emotions can assist in a therapeutic manner which will enable people. But wishful-thinking alone will not solve much ofrepparttar 144190 ethical issues borne through constant power-mongering or people needing to fight each other for more of that elusive and fictional One Pie. Let us strive to reduce any cherished illusions of our history if they do not standrepparttar 144191 test of common sense forrepparttar 144192 good of all people.

Oak Island is just one place that shows what ‘miss’-story continues to maintain. There is no treasure likely to be found there – since FDR and his cronies ransackedrepparttar 144193 place. The Bairds probably tookrepparttar 144194 last shipment of what was in transit there to help Bonnie Prince Charlie (The Stuart Merovingians called Jacobin or Jacobite.) at Culloden where they died. It might have been used by some pirates likerepparttar 144195 Mason Captain Kidd shortly before. But after Culloden I highly doubtrepparttar 144196 Masons and other parts ofrepparttar 144197 ‘octopus’ who had keptrepparttar 144198 secret of trade to America for so long; were putting anything of great wealth into a hole inrepparttar 144199 ground when they hadrepparttar 144200 US well enough established. They no longer needed to manufacture excuses for what they were doing in terms of creating a New World Order which you see emblazoned onrepparttar 144201 US greenback. Oak Island still plays some role inrepparttar 144202 Earth Energy Grid but so does every other stele or vortex in this whole wide world.

Every person who has life can share it andrepparttar 144203 energy regardless of special gifts, among people they really care for - it is common sense if you knowrepparttar 144204 soul exists and ESP is real. Now that we are able to get pastrepparttar 144205 'confines of religion' hopefully we can replacerepparttar 144206 technocrats and doctors who took overrepparttar 144207 machinery of fearrepparttar 144208 church generated and get back to 'whatever really WORKS!' I know I say this all too frequently but it doesn't come close to how oftenrepparttar 144209 opposing position states its agenda of negativity. It amazes me to see McGill using MRI equipment to proverepparttar 144210 same area ofrepparttar 144211 brain that affects motivation and overcomes depression is very receptive to music. It is hard to imaginerepparttar 144212 ecstatic dancers of all native cultures didn't know this long before language and its divisive segmentation exerted a manageable force on society.

"The Power ofrepparttar 144213 Gregorian Chant Hear, O my son,repparttar 144214 words ofrepparttar 144215 Lord, and incline thy heart's ear. –The Rule of Saint Benedict, OPENING WORDS

One ofrepparttar 144216 most amazing stories of healing inrepparttar 144217 annals of sound and music isrepparttar 144218 case ofrepparttar 144219 melancholy monks. Inrepparttar 144220 late 1960s, Dr. Alfred Tomatis was summoned to investigate a strange malaise that had descended upon a Benedictine monastery inrepparttar 144221 South of France. It was shortly after Vatican II thatrepparttar 144222 brothers had become listless, fatigued and mildly depressed. Althoughrepparttar 144223 monks were anxious about a series of theological reforms, dietary changes, and new routines, their physical symptoms had no clear cause. As such, their condition had stumped several leading European specialists, and nothing seemed able to restorerepparttar 144224 devout brothers and their abbey torepparttar 144225 joyful, active daily round they had once enjoyed.

After arriving onrepparttar 144226 scene and finding seventy ofrepparttar 144227 ninety monks ‘slumped in their cells like wet dishrags', Tomatis offered his diagnosis. The cause of this despondency, he declared, was not physiological, but audiological. The monks' enervated state wasrepparttar 144228 result of eliminating several hours of Gregorian chant from their daily routine. Previously,repparttar 144229 whole community would come together {The socialization or shared energy being important.} eight or nine times a day to chant for ten to twenty minutes at a stretch. The long, resonant tones--the glorious ooooo's and serene eeeee's in 'Gloria in Excelsis Deo' especially-- allowed a feeling of release and supplied a common focus. Most visitors would have foundrepparttar 144230 chanting exhausting, but forrepparttar 144231 monks it was a way of keeping their internal motors primed. It slowed down their breathing {A very important part of all 'occult' practices.}, lowered their blood pressure, and elevated their mood--and their productivity. They weren't conscious ofrepparttar 144232 physiological benefits of their chanting, but they had clearly become accustomed to it. {A woman in Spain who had been afflicted with an abscessed tooth for over twenty years went crazy after it was removed.}

Tomatis toldrepparttar 144233 abbot that he would like to putrepparttar 144234 men back on a diet of Gregorian chant. He did, andrepparttar 144235 effect was dramatic. Within six months,repparttar 144236 monks were once again vigorous and healthy. They needed less sleep, and they went back to their appointed tasks with renewed enthusiasm.” (1)

Much of this author's attributions aboutrepparttar 144237 splendour ofrepparttar 144238 paraphernalia ofrepparttar 144239 church and its images remind me aboutrepparttar 144240 effect of symbols and their hypnotic effect. Chanting certainly has been a major part of life in many cultures for longer than sea travel (800,000 years at least) or fire (In my mind this was used over 3,000,000 years ago after lightning fires and natural gas or pitch fires were found burning.). As we covered in other books onrepparttar 144241 origin of language (Ogham); Huna andrepparttar 144242 Hawaiian language is a mind altering experience. It is good to hear thatrepparttar 144243 Gregorian chant is making Europeans return to a portion ofrepparttar 144244 pre-Dark Age awareness that all people shared. Dance and rhythm or rhyme is a joy that love is nourished through. The language ofrepparttar 144245 soul is enmeshed inrepparttar 144246 harmony created by love in all of its varied expressions.

Author of Diverse Druids Columnist for The ES Press Magazine Guest 'expert' at

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