The Challenge of Life

Written by H. Vanoy Barton

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Why do some people start stuttering

Written by Stephen Hill

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The third reason people start to stutter is a response to a shock reaction. I have inrepparttar past number of years come into contact with people who have started stuttering after a serious car crash, after being mugged and even after giving birth.

The fourth reason is copying someone else who has a stutter. I have heard in a number of cases where children have started to stutter after copying a friend at school. This friend had a stutter, and they copied them as if it was some kind of game. In one story I heard, a fluent man joinedrepparttar 149600 navy, accompanying him onrepparttar 149601 ship was a man who had a stutter. During one trip overseas,repparttar 149602 fluent person constantly mocked and mimickedrepparttar 149603 stutterer, and to his horror, byrepparttar 149604 end ofrepparttar 149605 trip could not stop stuttering himself. He eventually ended up killing himself, sorepparttar 149606 story goes.

Stephen Hill is somebody who has overcome a stutter. He now helps other people to achieve fluency and has a couple of websites at and at

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