The Centre of our Existence!

Written by Joseph Ghabi

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The Throat Chakra isrepparttar fifth Chakra located inrepparttar 122399 throat, and its color is "Light Blue". Its characteristics are expression, hearing (include psychic hearing), receiving others, communication, and creativity. It holdsrepparttar 122400 blueprint ofrepparttar 122401 physical body. Possibility for change, transformation and healing are located here, including healing one’s future versesrepparttar 122402 past, through karmic release. The throat can store our anger, and what we need to let go of. Throat Chakra body parts includerepparttar 122403 throat, neck, jaw, teeth, ears, hearing, andrepparttar 122404 thyroid gland. Any light blue gemstones will heal and balance this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Aquamarine, Blue Tourmaline or Turquoise.

The Third Eye Chakra isrepparttar 122405 sixth Chakra located between our brows, and its color is "Indigo". Its characteristics are where we see beyond physical realities intorepparttar 122406 psychic realm, for understanding ofrepparttar 122407 non-physical truth. It is defined asrepparttar 122408 place ofrepparttar 122409 Goddess Within. Third eye Chakra body parts includerepparttar 122410 eyes, face, and brain. Any indigo gemstones will heal and balance this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Azurite and Sapphire.

The Crown Chakra isrepparttar 122411 seventh Chakra located on top of our head, and its color is "Violet". Its characteristics are that it isrepparttar 122412 first point whererepparttar 122413 Soul enters intorepparttar 122414 body at birth through its return journey into this plane. It is defined asrepparttar 122415 place ofrepparttar 122416 Goddess herself. Crown Chakra body parts includerepparttar 122417 spine and nervous systems. Any violet gemstones will heal and balance this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Amethyst and Serenite.

The Connection Point Chakra as I call it isrepparttar 122418 eighth Chakra located few inches fromrepparttar 122419 crown Chakra and its color is "Clear or White". This is where communication with your guides and loved ones will take place and bring clarity to your link to guidance and peace. It is beyond our physical body and rarely has any effect on us. Any white or clear stone will heal and balance this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: White and Clear Quartz.

Oneness withrepparttar 122420 source Chakra as I call it, isrepparttar 122421 ninth Chakra located a few feet higher thanrepparttar 122422 Connection Point Chakra and its color is "Gold". This isrepparttar 122423 level on whichrepparttar 122424 soul works. The experience on meditating on this will differ for each of us as individuals because our experiences on a soul level are unique to each, every one of us for our own evolution at a soul level. It is a very high and strong Chakra, and it may be uncomfortable for some people. It will take some practice to get use to its energy. I never used any Gemstone for this Chakra but it is essential to have balancedrepparttar 122425 complete Chakra for it to work properly. You can use a mixture ofrepparttar 122426 eight Gemstones fromrepparttar 122427 different Chakra’s to heal and balance it.

I personally userepparttar 122428 last two Chakras, but they are not necessary when first starting to use your Chakras when you start meditating. Once you become familiar with your centre points and try to tap into their energies then those Chakras can offer you some benefit and they will have their effect on you.

Chakras are a very important part of our life and we may accept this or not. It is a personal choice. Whatever your preference is onrepparttar 122429 subject, you will feels its effect in your daily life.

Joseph Ghabi’s early career began rather ‘technically’ with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science in Computer Science. Always intrigued by spiritual phenomena, Joseph’s spiritual life began rather early in life.

At the age of eight he discovered his clairvoyance. Joseph is natural medium presently teaching meditation, numerology and healing.

The Secret of Creating Lasting Romance

Written by Michael Skowronski

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We all respond to our feelings andrepparttar feelings we pick up from others much more than we consciously realize. These feelings push and pull us, most don’t know why they go where they do, but yet they do go. Your work is to become conscious ofrepparttar 122398 energies at play in your life and romantic relationships give you plenty of chances to generaterepparttar 122399 widest variety of feelings.

Negativity that you feel towards your partner will be noticed. Most people are not aware enough to turn away from this negativity so you are likely to arouse similar negativities within them or push them away from you if they do not wish to engage in them.

If your partner did something you did not like, of course you will feel bad. Butrepparttar 122400 solution,repparttar 122401 answer torepparttar 122402 desire that is born from that event, comes from focusing on what you do desire. You don’t do battle withrepparttar 122403 problem, you turn away from it and walk towards what you do want.

One day I was in my girlfriend’s kitchen preparing a meal (we’ll call her Shelia). I put a skillet onrepparttar 122404 burner and turned it onto high to preheat it.

Shelia came in and upon seeingrepparttar 122405 skillet being heated with nothing in it became angry. “You’re going to ruin my pans! Don’t do that!” she snapped as she turnedrepparttar 122406 heat off.

I was in a particularly clear space at that point in time and I decided to try turning her anger into love. I focused on many things about her that I loved and appreciated. I focused on some ofrepparttar 122407 nice vacations we had taken together and onrepparttar 122408 feelings of making love with her.

I said nothing in my defense nor did anything else. Shelia said a few more derogatory words and then leftrepparttar 122409 room. Whenrepparttar 122410 meal was ready I went to get her. She then blasted me with a few choice things from our past.

Here is where so many relationships go wrong. As you can see Sheila was still holding on to past issues. There is this accumulation process that most people do when something hurts them, they hang on to it and when other painful events occur at later times those old hurts also come torepparttar 122411 foreground and receive focus. Even though I know how destructive this can be, I still catch myself doing it.

Sheila was focusing on what she did not want, not on what she did want. There was only one bad thing that happened yet she multiplied it into at least five other things. Thus increasingrepparttar 122412 intensity of her bad experience.

What affect would Sheila’s actions have had on you? I could feel it draw a very defensive and negative energy out of me. This is a great example ofrepparttar 122413 creation process in action.

I was determined to keep my good feeling state of mind. I reached for better feeling thoughts about Sheila. I realized that she was already annoyed atrepparttar 122414 kangaroos that were eatingrepparttar 122415 new grass she had just planted. I knew of other things had gone bad for her that day too. So I could understand how she got so angry when she discoveredrepparttar 122416 empty skillet I was overheating. These thoughts gave me compassion for her.

I also reminded myself that I am a good partner. I treat her well. I am only trying to make lunch for us both. I have done nothing wrong. All of these thoughts helped me to feel better about myself and remain centered. Rather than defend myself I said to Sheila, “These things have no bearing on this incident. In fact we have already sorted them out. Please, let’s go and enjoy a nice meal together.”

I continued to holdrepparttar 122417 thoughts of good times with Shelia. It was not even an hour later thatrepparttar 122418 whole energy between us changed. We had a very nice and romantic connection forrepparttar 122419 rest ofrepparttar 122420 day. Things like this used to cause us many hours or even days of disconnection. I am certain thatrepparttar 122421 shift I made in my energy maderepparttar 122422 difference in this case.

So often people think thatrepparttar 122423 romance in their life is due torepparttar 122424 things they do. I know it is easy to believe this. However, if your actions are not in alignment with your thoughts and feelings then you are only wasting your energy and cutting yourself off from your Source.

There are many books that teach you how to re-kindlerepparttar 122425 love you once knew. They are full of great techniques and ideas. These are very helpful, butrepparttar 122426 actions you take must be inspired actions; inspired byrepparttar 122427 love and appreciation you have for your partner. So keep seeking out those things to admire and appreciate in your partner and in yourself.

Michael Skowronski is a spiritually oriented Life Coach and Counselor. He offers the free “Walk On Water” ezine and sells the “Facts of Life” ecourse from his website. Michael also offers Teleclasses and an Apprenticeship Group. Please email comments or questions to

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