The Camera Mobile

Written by Ieuan Dolby

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At 400,000 Won (300 GBP), a third of a typical households monthly income these phones are expensive. But it has not prevented a country were 3/4 ofrepparttar population possess a mobile phone and were all have become crazed over them. Their popularity is soaring, their uses are multiplying and their dependency is increasing on a daily basis. Everybody must have one; everybody will scrimp and save on food and clothes until they have one and without which life is not worth getting up inrepparttar 133557 morning for.

Since their introduction in 2001, one fifth of mobile phone carriers now have a camera type one. It is not justrepparttar 133558 camera that attracts such fervor and desperation to own one. As one Korean housewife called Moon Ae-ran said, “I can turn onrepparttar 133559 washing machine and other home appliances with my mobile phone even when I am out shopping”. In fact she went on further to say that, “How can I live without this thing?”

“A mobile phone can get you to your destination, for example,repparttar 133560 closet, gas station or whatever” said Lee Sang Chul. Mr Lee is a thirty seven year old business man who spends 200GBP on his phone bills every month. How he has survived without it is anybodies guess and how he has ever managed to conduct business when he doesn’t even know where his closet is even harder to imagine but such is life in Korea. He went on to say that “it has so many cool functions. It’s a part of my life”.

Back at Koreas majority phone producers’ headquarters workers and visitors are trying to come to grips with a life without a phone. Directors are desperately reading instruction manuals on ‘How to Use a Land Line Phone’ and workers are queuing up to use coin phones that have been dusted off and re-installed.

Ieuan Dolby is the Author and Webmaster of Seamania . As a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy he has sailed the world for fifteen years. Now living in Taiwan he writes about cultures across the globe and life as he sees it.

The Pitfalls Of Using Technology For Technology's Sake

Written by Diane Hughes

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3. Doesrepparttar technology require that my site visitor "do" anything? Will your visitors have to download any special software or plug-ins to see your site with this new technology? If so, skip it! It isn't worthrepparttar 133556 chance of visitors clicking away.

4. Isrepparttar 133557 technology "stable?" Isrepparttar 133558 chat program you've installed reliable? Does that new java script workrepparttar 133559 way it should? Does that streaming video feed skip and crash? If your new technology doesn't perform up to speed 99% ofrepparttar 133560 time, it isn't worth causing aggravation to your visitors.

Before making any technological "enhancements" to your site, think about your visitors. Yes,repparttar 133561 new technology may be "cool," but if it doesn't offer some true value to your customers, you would most likely be better off – and more professional looking – without it.

Diane Hughes is an accomplished internet entrepreneur and editor of the popular ProBizTips Newsletter. Subscribe to her newsletter for more tips, tricks, and secrets of the trade -- plus get HUNDREDS of eBooks, software and tools just for subscribing!

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