The Buzz About Links - What About Yours?

Written by Martin Lemieux

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Once you finally have pr4/10 for 4 of your pages, now you can finally raise your ranking. Here'srepparttar fun part...

I want you look at your site and see if you actually list all your pages on all your pages. If you don't, do this step right away and keep it clean. I know some of you might be thinking, well I have too many to list, or some of your might be thinking, I am already doing that.

Just stick to that formula because once you have 4 of your pages with pr4/10 it won't be long before your entire site goes to pr4 (Given that all your pages are listed on all your pages).

Once this happens,repparttar 127945 next step is PR5!

The norm for pr5 is to get about 50-70 pr4 links. Whether they are internally or externally. Please note that you need 50-70 pr links for one page alone in order to raise that specific page to pr5. So if you want to raise your main page to pr5, get 50-70 pr4 links to that page.

I hope we all know what happens to pages that are ranked 4/10 or better don't we? Our search engine rankings get better!

Have fun with this one and always remember to keep tweaking your structure in order to getrepparttar 127946 most out of your entire web site, not just your main page!

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10 Things You Should Expect From Your Website Copywriter

Written by Glenn Murray

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7) Testimonials Perhapsrepparttar best indication of a website copywriter’s ability is customer satisfaction. Don’t be afraid of asking for customer testimonials. A good website copywriter will be proud of their testimonials – so proud, in fact, that they’ll be offering them without you even asking. Look for testimonials from companies you recognise and/or can verify. Anyone can get their great-aunt write them a testimonial. Some will even write their own. If you really want to be sure, ask for contact details so you can giverepparttar 127944 customer a call and hear it straight fromrepparttar 127945 horse’s mouth.

8) SEO Copy Skills Approximately 80% of all web traffic comes through search engines, so it’s essential that your website copywriter has proven experience in SEO copy. Ask them their general approach to SEO copy. Do they normally performrepparttar 127946 keyword analysis themselves? How do they know when they’ve used enough keywords in enough ofrepparttar 127947 right places? Can they show you a high ranking site they’ve writtenrepparttar 127948 copy for? What steps do they take to avoid dilutingrepparttar 127949 effectiveness of your primary keyword phrases? Will their SEO copy changerepparttar 127950 text links on your pages? (It should!)

9) SEO Copy at No Extra Charge! Never be fooled into paying more for SEO copy. If you’ve already performed your keyword analysis, and you know where you want your keyword phrases used, writing ofrepparttar 127951 copy should take no longer than usual. I’ll say it again… SEO copy is not an extra – it’s how web copy should be written! Do not pay extra for it! The only things you should expect to pay extra for are keyword analyses, addingrepparttar 127952 HTML code for unmarked text links, providing guidance on site structure, sourcing of inbound links to your site, etc. SEO copy by itself should cost no extra.

10) Writing Experience for Online Media Writing for an online medium is entirely different to writing for print. Readers have different requirements and objectives, and reading conditions are very different. Make sure your website copywriter knows how to cater to these differences. Ask them to recommend a maximum page length or word count per page. The correct answer should include some comment onrepparttar 127953 trade-off betweenrepparttar 127954 problems of scrolling andrepparttar 127955 need for a high keyword count for SEO. Ask them whether they prefer long sentences or short (and hope to hear “short”). Ask them whether they will include lots of text links withinrepparttar 127956 main body ofrepparttar 127957 copy, and if so, will they appear as regular links (colored and underlined) or will they be unmarked.

Professionally written copy can meanrepparttar 127958 difference between a great looking site and a great looking site THAT EARNS YOU MONEY.

Choose your website copywriter carefully.

* Glenn Murray is an advertising copywriter and heads copywriting studio Divine Write. He can be contacted on Sydney +612 4334 6222 or at Visit for further details or more FREE articles.

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