The Business End of an Internet Business

Written by Chris Malta

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3.) Obtain a Resale Certificate In almost every State you are required to have a Tax Resale Certificate (Tax ID Number). In Florida, we can get a Resale Certificate in about 20 minutes for $5. We must again show our Business Entity papers. This is done atrepparttar local State Tax Office. When you buy from a wholesale supplier, you will be asked to supply them with a copy of this certificate. They use it as proof torepparttar 116932 IRS that they are not required to charge you tax onrepparttar 116933 products they sell you at wholesale. 4.) Open a Business Bank Account If you’re going to do business, you must have a business bank account. You’ll need your Business Entity papers, your EIN and your County Business License, (if required). Here, we can open a business account for a deposit of $50 to $100. Almost all banks offer business accounts. 5.) Open a Merchant Account The last thing you need is a Merchant Account. You’ll need everything you obtained inrepparttar 116934 five steps above for this one. (Unlessrepparttar 116935 County Business License is not required in your State). This isrepparttar 116936 thing that allows you to accept credit cards from your online customers. Without this, you'll get nowhere. Online buyers are instant gratification junkies. They want it NOW! If they have to mail you a check, they'll go somewhere else and buy. Merchant accounts used to cost a thousand dollars and more to set up. They've come down a LOT. We just opened a new one for a setup fee of $150. The Merchant Account will collect funds from your customers’ credit cards, and deposit those funds in your business account. The Merchant Bank will charge you about 2.2% ofrepparttar 116937 amount you charge your customer’s credit card, plus about 30 cents per transaction. Your Merchant Banker will help you to incorporate your Merchant Account into your Internet store software. Well, there it is. That’srepparttar 116938 business end of an Internet business. Sound complicated? It isn’t, really. The hard part is waiting for one thing before you can obtainrepparttar 116939 next! As I said above, these are just guidelines. If you have questions, please consult a professional. Chris Malta WorldWide Brands, Inc. For more information, visit

Chris Malta is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. He has worked with computer Systems for 18 years. He's been involved in eCommerce systems, networking and site design for more than 6 years. He's taught college-level computer courses in Western NY. He developed The Drop Ship Source Directory, and he and his partners at Worldwide Brands, Inc., publish the Directory and run eCommerce sites of their own using Drop Shipping as their only business method.

Living a Relaxing and Profitable Lifestyle with the 80/20 Rule

Written by Chris Brown

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Read on and see how we will utilize these ideas to free up some of our time.

For some of you, it will be hard to figure out what your vital tasks are from this visualization; I urge you to analyze your tasks on paper. Take a sheet of paper and make one line downrepparttar center from top to bottom and one line acrossrepparttar 116931 middle, side to side. Choose one ofrepparttar 116932 four boxes and write your ‘vital few' tasks; dedicaterepparttar 116933 other 3 boxes to your ‘trivial many'. Use a pencil and eraser, sometimesrepparttar 116934 trivial stuff becomes vital.

Make Time

You probably already have some sort of daily routine that you follow to complete your tasks. Focus only onrepparttar 116935 ‘vital few' in this time; your work will take less time than you are used to. Now, make some time to relax, take care of some non business chores or just hang out with your family or some friends.

Tomorrow, or will it berepparttar 116936 next day, focus onrepparttar 116937 ‘vital few' and get some work done. When you're done with your ‘vital few', go over torepparttar 116938 big box (metaphor) and get out some of your ‘trivial many' – work for a while.

Switch Daily

Day 1, work on your vital tasks and then take time off. On day 2, work on your vital tasks and then accomplish some of your trivial tasks. For day 3, work on your vital tasks and then go have some fun. Day 4 - work on your vital tasks and get some ofrepparttar 116939 trivial stuff done too. Repeatrepparttar 116940 process during your weekdays and take at least one whole day off onrepparttar 116941 weekend.

For all of your hard work, you deserve free time. Don't letrepparttar 116942 trivial parts of your home business take up all of your personal time; enjoy life and remember to stay relaxed.


Findrepparttar 116943 important tasks and take care of them daily; Findrepparttar 116944 not so important tasks and only work on them every other day. Onrepparttar 116945 days in betweenrepparttar 116946 not so important tasks, spend some time doing what you enjoy (besides working) and remember, don't forget to enjoy a full day off here and there.

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