The Business Case for SEO

Written by Scott Smigler

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There’s another advantage to traditional search listings. They are considered unbiased and non-commercial. Traditional search performs very well at certain points inrepparttar buying process. When consumers are gathering information about a purchase, they show a marked preference for traditional search listings. When they are ready to buy online, they seem to have less bias against paid placement listings and their likelihood to click on one of these listings increases.

The Dollars and Cents of SEO

Perhapsrepparttar 138528 most compelling reason not to exclude SEO from your online marketing strategy comes down to dollars and cents. In an attempt to quantifyrepparttar 138529 business case for SEO I have gone back and done some analysis on three recent SEO engagements andrepparttar 138530 results they achieved. I chose ecommerce clients that we had optimized and reviewed their average sales before and after SEO was implemented. In two ofrepparttar 138531 situationsrepparttar 138532 only change made wasrepparttar 138533 optimization ofrepparttar 138534 site. In anotherrepparttar 138535 optimization occurred atrepparttar 138536 same time we implemented a PPC campaign. Inrepparttar 138537 first two casesrepparttar 138538 store sales rose 64% and 75% afterrepparttar 138539 SEO was implemented. Inrepparttar 138540 third caserepparttar 138541 store revenue actually went up a staggering 169%, but if you back outrepparttar 138542 sales that were a result ofrepparttar 138543 PPC campaign,repparttar 138544 store revenue that could be attributed to SEO improved by 49%. In other words,repparttar 138545 average improvement in store revenue that was apparently due to SEO was 62%.

Can we be sure that all of this was a result of SEO? No. There could have been product, seasonal and other effects that contributed. But I think it's safe to say that there was a significant increase that resulted directly fromrepparttar 138546 SEO. The bottom line: search optimization has a real and measurable impact on traffic, conversions and revenue (or lead generation) improvement. Given that these clicks begin to approach “free” after amortizingrepparttar 138547 cost of SEO over time,repparttar 138548 ROI for SEO is compelling. Added torepparttar 138549 branding benefits no marketer or business owner should doubtrepparttar 138550 value of search engine optimization.

Scott Smigler has been an evangelist for a serious, ROI-based focus on the online channel since he founded Exclusive Concepts ( in 1997. Exclusive Concepts provides integrated online marketing strategies, Internet brand consulting, search engine marketing campaigns and results-oriented web sites for hundreds of clients that range in size from small ecommerce firms to public companies.

Search Engine Visibility - The Mantra of Corporate Profitability by Arun Tibrewal (

Written by Arun Tibrewal

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The exponential growth ofrepparttar web into an ocean of information has ushered inrepparttar 138505 era ofrepparttar 138506 potential online customer turning to exploringrepparttar 138507 websites.

The corporate of today then is anonymous without a corporate website. The website provides an insight torepparttar 138508 corporate profile, information and services. A strong website without search engine visibility is an untapped potential, which can only hurtrepparttar 138509 corporate bottom line andrepparttar 138510 stakeholders. Consequently, a strong website coupled with high search engine visibility is a near invisible weapon inrepparttar 138511 hands of a dynamic corporate.

The search engines arerepparttar 138512 basic navigation aids forrepparttar 138513 potential online customer and are entrusted withrepparttar 138514 daunting task of selecting from millions of web sites and pages when responding to online queries. The search engines undoubtedly favor “search friendly” sites and this is where search engine visibility comes into play.

Search engine optimization and increasingrepparttar 138515 visibility is thenrepparttar 138516 order ofrepparttar 138517 day ifrepparttar 138518 corporate visibility is to sustain and co – exist.

The search engine centric approach cannot be utilized in isolation. It should ideally strike a delicate balance between being a search engine friendly and a user-friendly website.

Increase that Search engine visibility and watchrepparttar 138519 queries pour in, then work onrepparttar 138520 conversion index for withoutrepparttar 138521 potential customer queries there will be no conversion Index!

Arun Tibrewal is an online marketing promotions specialist since 1998 and owner of and its network sites. I-wayhost is dedicated to provide top class hosting services with there straight forward plans. Permission is granted to reprint this article as long as the resource box should keep intact with the following links.

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