The Bush "There Or Here" Fallacy and the War in Iraq

Written by Christopher Brown

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Now, ifrepparttar U.S. can act with pre-emptive success in Iraq (forrepparttar 147609 president has suggested many times that it can), why can it not do so also much closer to home? But ifrepparttar 147610 U.S. cannot do so on its home turf, why should anyone think they can do it in Iraq?

Remember, I do not mean to argue here againstrepparttar 147611 U.S. presence in Iraq, but only to critique one particular reason offered for it byrepparttar 147612 president. He has, after all, listed quite a few different reasons forrepparttar 147613 invasion, at different times -- which may or may not be a good thing.

For today, then, letrepparttar 147614 reader take away this lesson inrepparttar 147615 logic of popular discourse -- never reduce a range of many possible options to two only, unless you prepare well enough to show thatrepparttar 147616 others do not represent truly logical options. Otherwise, you will have committedrepparttar 147617 either-or fallacy.

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Your Time of Blazing Noon

Written by Joe Vitale

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I could go on and on. The point is this: Life will always have ups and downs. The secret is to flow withrepparttar tide as best we can. Complaining about what is keeps you from spotting or even creating new opportunities.

In every panic, in every generation, men and women with eyes wide open saw and seized opportunities.

Whether it was George Washington who went on to become president and build his own fortune, or P.T. Barnum who went on to prosper duringrepparttar 147295 Civil War,repparttar 147296 fact remains:

Circumstances don't make you, you make you.

This "bad time" might becomerepparttar 147297 greatest period of prosperity for you.

Maybe you just have to relax your demands. In 1941 Bruce Barton wrote, "I have been out of a job three times in my life. Each time I made a survey of my surroundings and discovered that there was work to be done, though notrepparttar 147298 same kind of work I had been doing."

Barton was a best-selling author, Congressman, popular speaker, and founder of one ofrepparttar 147299 largest advertising agencies inrepparttar 147300 world, BBDO. He also became a millionaire.

And don't fall forrepparttar 147301 trap thatrepparttar 147302 past was better thanrepparttar 147303 present. In 1907repparttar 147304 famous tycoon John Rockefeller said:

"People sometimes talk as if we older men lived in a day of peculiar opportunity, as if there were no chance today for a young man to do what has been done by my generation of men, as if allrepparttar 147305 avenues were closed, allrepparttar 147306 big things done. Nothing could be more mistaken. Why,repparttar 147307 time in which I opened my eyes was a midnight of darkness, and this is blazing noon."

A word torepparttar 147308 wise: Listen, act and prosper.

There are opportunities around you.

Which will you see first and act on now?

This is your time of blazing noon.

Dr. Joe Vitale is the author of way too many books to list here. His latest title is "The Attractor Factor:

5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or anything else) From the Inside Out." Register for his monthly complimentary ezine at

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