The Burning Bush

Written by Gary Whittaker

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While most ofrepparttar Iraqi people seemed happy to be rid of a dictator, their joy quickly changed to apprehension, then anger asrepparttar 125905 American's continue to stay and occupy their land. They no longer sawrepparttar 125906 difference between Saddam's tactics to stay in power, andrepparttar 125907 Americans that stormed their city daily, and their temples, rounding up and killing Iraqi's. The irony here is that in attacking Iraq underrepparttar 125908 pretense of curbing terror,repparttar 125909 Americans have added torepparttar 125910 threat. The Al-Quaida have openly contacted rebel groups, as they help them mobilize againstrepparttar 125911 U.S and their new puppet regime. Saddam was a dictator. People like Saddam could never allow an organisation like Al-Quaida to survive in Iraq, as it could pose a threat to his power. With Saddam now removed,repparttar 125912 Al-Quaida has more opportunity to plant operatives in Iraq. With more and more Iraqi's being killed either directly or indirectly as a result ofrepparttar 125913 American intervention, Al-Quaida will also be able to add more members than they could of beforehand. King George will now have to make his next moves very carefully. If he continues to pursue his middle east agenda, he will easily plunge us all intorepparttar 125914 next World War. We do not have to sit idly by. The first act would be to get informed. Learn about what is going on. The internet offers a wealth of instant information. Never just trust one source. People cannot help but to taint facts with opinion. Here is a great site that can get you started on other aspects of King George's own reign of terror:

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U.S. vs Militias and Gangs

Written by Ken Slater

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In Oklahoma City,repparttar Alfred P. Murrah Building is blown up. The nondescript building has no significance other than beingrepparttar 125904 headquarters forrepparttar 125905 DEA, Secret Service andrepparttar 125906 ATF. The aftermath is a nine story-hole, a crater 30 feet wide by 8 feet deep, and 168 innocent people killed. The methodology is very similar to that used inrepparttar 125907 World Trade Center bombing: a 1,000 to 1,200-pound fertilizer- and diesel-based bomb packed into a rented Ryder truck and detonated by remote control or timer. Different folks, same strokes.

Farther south, some 300 miles away in Waco, Texas,repparttar 125908 site ofrepparttar 125909 Branch Davidian compound has become a popular local tourist attraction. The bomb blast in Oklahoma City occurred two years torepparttar 125910 day afterrepparttar 125911 attack byrepparttar 125912 ATF onrepparttar 125913 cult's compound. Duringrepparttar 125914 ATF raid, a brainwashed prophet, with an arms cacherepparttar 125915 size ofrepparttar 125916 Serbs', had his followers blow their brains out as he torched his compound-and their children. Or sorepparttar 125917 government told us he did, until they found military advisors and inflammable tear gas canisters atrepparttar 125918 scene.

Mayhem, Tabloid Style

We used to chuckle atrepparttar 125919 tabloids, as we bought them with our groceries. Now we can't figure out if it'srepparttar 125920 news we're watching or promos forrepparttar 125921 latest B movies.

Hard times breed strange heroes. The hardscrabble days of early America bredrepparttar 125922 outlaws ofrepparttar 125923 Wild West. Jesse James and Billyrepparttar 125924 Kid were popularized in East Coast dime novels. The Great Depression gave us Dillinger and Capone, Bonnie and Clyde. Today, in down-on-its-luck L.A., we are hatching a new breed of famous ne'er do wells. In Los Angeles,repparttar 125925 land of "three strikes you're out" has become "do a crime, dorepparttar 125926 prime time." Are you watching a talk show or is it a Tyson bout? Is that a mass murderer or is he just working through some "issues"? What is wrong and what is right? Film at 11. Answers, never.

Here, random violence and thoughtless pain take on plot, character and movie deals, as two rich kids splatter their parents' brains against a wall with a 12-gauge for a couple of Rolexes. In Los Angeles, a former football hero and movie star is accused of nearly severing his ex-wife's head and brutally stabbing to death her acquaintance. Meanwhile, during his "getaway," traffic on plagued L.A. freeways comes to a halt; motorists emerge from their cars waving banners urging, "Go O.J.!" and "Saverepparttar 125927 Juice!" Afterrepparttar 125928 most publicized trial in history,repparttar 125929 jury lets him go free.

Crime needs a subplot and linkage. A mother tosses her kids off a bridge and jumps in herself afterward. The news media immediately connects it to a woman inrepparttar 125930 South who rolled her two kids to their watery end-a woman who playedrepparttar 125931 media like a fiddle in her search for her "kidnapped" children. A mother of a school shooting victim walks into a pawn shop to see a gun, loads it and shoots herself inrepparttar 125932 head. Distraught people block crowded freeways, unfurl large banners and then blow their brains out onrepparttar 125933 freeway. Suicide by cop means clean shooting, an ambulance if they miss and wall-to-wall TV coverage. Everyone can be Hemingway now.

Crime also needs a surprise ending, a payback. Rodney King getsrepparttar 125934 crap beaten out of him, sues and gets millions. Reginald Denny getsrepparttar 125935 crap beaten out of him and hugs and kissesrepparttar 125936 mother of one of his attackers. The Unabomber's big demand is that he have his antitechnology manifesto published. We Americans seem to like our crime. Just keep it fresh, surprising and very brutal.

What'srepparttar 125937 answer? Who arerepparttar 125938 real terrorist? The answer is easy. TAKE IT BACK! Take America back torepparttar 125939 beginning. The biggests problem inrepparttar 125940 country arerepparttar 125941 attorney's and judge's who are allowing this crime to happen. Whenrepparttar 125942 criminals have more rights thanrepparttar 125943 victum then a change is needed. Who arerepparttar 125944 real terrorists threats? It's not Osama, it's in your own backyard folks. The militias and gangs, those arerepparttar 125945 real terrorists this country needs to be facing.

Ken Slater

Nothing special, Ken Slater is someone who believes it's time for America to stand up and take back what our founding father's fought for.

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