The Bottom Line on Yacht & Boat Charters.

Written by John Thompson

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Additional health insurance is advised but not essential, although you should especially consider this for foreign travel of any kind not just charter vacations.

Another good idea is to take cancellation or curtailment insurance because many charter companies require a deposit of up to 50%. If you any of your party cancel or need to finishrepparttar vacation early, this insurance will become invaluable.

Charter vacation destinations.

But where should you go? There are many places you can charter a yacht, so you should consider exactly what you are looking for in your vacation.

The Galapagos is an archipelago that consists of 13 volcanic islands as well as 40 small islands. It is a haven of beautiful plants and exotic animals including marine iguanas and sea lions,repparttar 148106 weather is very good, and there are many coves and incredibly picturesque beaches to relax on and around.

The Bahamas is a popular destination consisting of more than 700 islands. There are countless cays and beaches to explore as well as some incredible nightlife and beautiful settings. The reef and shallow waters make this a safe place for families to charter a yacht.

And then thereísrepparttar 148107 Greek Islands. One ofrepparttar 148108 worldís most enchanting cruising grounds, with ancient history and culture at every turn. Islands such as Lesvos, Mykonos and Paros offer a combination of breathtaking scenery and history.

Still inrepparttar 148109 Mediterranean - atrepparttar 148110 western end - there arerepparttar 148111 Balearic islands offrepparttar 148112 coast of Spain. Thereís Majorca, itís smaller sibling Menorca, andrepparttar 148113 hedonistic playground of Ibiza. Youíll find it a little busier thanrepparttar 148114 Greek islands, but onrepparttar 148115 plus siderepparttar 148116 back up and support is first class.

On torepparttar 148117 Caribbean: It has it all. Many different cultures and nationalities, hundreds and hundreds of islands to explore, and clear blue waters. Yachting at itís best.

The choice of destinations is amazing, andrepparttar 148118 beauty of chartering a yacht is that you are free to explore at your own pace. Alternatively, drop anchor, pour a stiff drink and soak uprepparttar 148119 sun!

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Pick 'n Mix Your South African Adventures

Written by Marvic

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Travellers wishing to fill a couple of days in their itinerary can also choose one ofrepparttar extended adventures that comprise of a few days / nights, which include accommodation and transport. These adventures extend a little further downrepparttar 148105 track ... some head east alongrepparttar 148106 breathtaking Garden Route towardsrepparttar 148107 Addo Elephant Park and others head north towardsrepparttar 148108 spectacular Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Marvicís tour operator partners in South Africa are also very helpful in offering local advice and recommendingrepparttar 148109 best options forrepparttar 148110 time of year that intrepid travellers would like to visitrepparttar 148111 rainbow nation. Marvic Tours and Tales further enhance online booking experiences by offering lots of information about South Africa, as well as handy links to affiliate websites onrepparttar 148112 relevant pages e.g. accommodation / flights.

Guests booking their holiday adventures in South Africa viarepparttar 148113 Marvic Tours and Talesí website haverepparttar 148114 utmost flexibility in planning their South African vacation itinerary. Marvic Tours and Tales welcomes all travellers, "Come to South Africa, and meetrepparttar 148115 friendly locals!"

Marvic Tours and Tales promotes authentic eco-cultural safari adventures in South Africa and offers free online infotainment at

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