The Blame Factor

Written by John Mitchell

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So what arerepparttar effects of blame onrepparttar 113510 individual. Blame kills people, through stress, illness, depression and negative feeling it is a killer. When you hand your power away to others you are out of control.

Can we change?

The question is not, can we change; we can all change. The question is do we wish to change?

Anybody can give up a negative belief system such as blame, but only if they truly wish to. Some individuals and organisations will continue to wallow in self pity until it buries them.

They are a great many organisations willing to help those who are ready.

Any organisations which are ready for this change must make a conscious decision to involve everyone inrepparttar 113511 process. They must also fully understand what change will occur. This isrepparttar 113512 only way to seerepparttar 113513 massive benefits to both individuals and organisations.

Individuals may benefit through reading many orrepparttar 113514 quality book written on change and personal development, or personally experience change viarepparttar 113515 interactivity of live programmes or powerful internet based programmes.

Empowerment and enlightenment achieved through a good programme will deliver a multitude of positive and progressive benefits torepparttar 113516 individual, organisation and society as a whole.

Are you ready?

Written by John Mitchell, Professional Life & Power Coach and creator ofrepparttar 113517 online life change programme Lifeline web address

A professional Life and Power coach, living in the UK, creator and designer of Satori LifeLine Personal Development Programme at

Your local town trustees: keep watch on them

Written by Greg Cryns

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This was a beautiful thing to watch. Fifty or so village residents filledrepparttar meeting room and they were allowed to express their opinions. The result was thatrepparttar 113509 board voted to delay their decision until September so that they might be allowed to reviewrepparttar 113510 information that was presented.

At first I was elated. Then reality set in. I began to realize that to fight power you need power. Money equals power. What if Rommy Lopat and John Drummond could not afford to bring in expert witnesses? I thinkrepparttar 113511 citizens would have been quickly rolled over and buried. This isrepparttar 113512 way, I realized, that government works. You must have power to be heard.

The awful truth is that I leaverepparttar 113513 meetings feeling that we had just done battle withrepparttar 113514 opposition. We always lost. I felt thatrepparttar 113515 outcome was predetermined, thatrepparttar 113516 board attitude is a bit condescending. I do believe that, generally, boards feel they have a duty torepparttar 113517 public to helprepparttar 113518 public, but I think they also think that we citizens are uneducated and bothersome, like mosquitoes which must be squashed to be quieted.

Maybe your local boards DO listen to you. Maybe Richmond's boards arerepparttar 113519 rare exception. But I think not. I think that most boards aroundrepparttar 113520 entire country reflectrepparttar 113521 attitudes ofrepparttar 113522 Richmond boards:repparttar 113523 citizens are nuisances to be endured becauserepparttar 113524 law says they must endure us.

Why arerepparttar 113525 boards so adversarial in nature? Does it have to be that way? Do we not, as taxpaying citizens, deserve to be listened to CAREFULLY and HONESTLY?

It's time to stand up and be counted, folks. Do go to your local board meetings, if only to show them that you are watching!

Greg Cryns

Greg Cryns is the owner of Domain Country and many other websites. Over the years he has learned how to obtain high rankings in the major search engines.

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