The Bingo Renaissance

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Of course it is not justrepparttar bingo halls that are profiting. The internet revolution has not failed to leave its mark onrepparttar 110064 bingo industry. Now, atrepparttar 110065 switch of a button andrepparttar 110066 click of a mouse, prospective bingo players are able to play from their own living room. What is interesting to note is that even withrepparttar 110067 social aspect ofrepparttar 110068 game being removed,repparttar 110069 majority ofrepparttar 110070 players are still female. There is an argument to suggest thatrepparttar 110071 advent of online bingo is in fact nothing to be jumping for joy over. After all, many ofrepparttar 110072 positive attributes to bingo are removed. Players do not even have to check off their cards themselves, it is automatically checked off for them. Not only does this remove some ofrepparttar 110073 fun, but it also reducesrepparttar 110074 mental agility benefits to virtually nil. The social aspects ofrepparttar 110075 game are also missing, although some would argue thatrepparttar 110076 online forums and chat rooms are simply a new pseudo form of socialising. The secondary business that surroundsrepparttar 110077 bingo halls also suffers underrepparttar 110078 concept of online bingo. Food, auxiliary games, drink and entertainment all become irrelevant when playing from home andrepparttar 110079 concern that players are now playing purely forrepparttar 110080 money as opposed torepparttar 110081 warmth ofrepparttar 110082 social atmosphere is much more real. Having said that, in terms of bolstering bingo popularity,repparttar 110083 internet has certainly played its part and in many cases has provided an easy access option to those who either are not fond ofrepparttar 110084 socialising aspects ofrepparttar 110085 game or for whatever reasons are unable to attendrepparttar 110086 bingo halls, themselves.

To say that bingo will ever becomerepparttar 110087 craze ofrepparttar 110088 gambling world or an industry propagated byrepparttar 110089 modern casinos is perhaps a little ambitious. In fact, that may not even be whatrepparttar 110090 game is about or where it would be happy to lie. However, what can be fairly certain (if anything can be in this business) is thatrepparttar 110091 popularity of bingo as its own entity is holding well and looks set to stayrepparttar 110092 course of time. At least forrepparttar 110093 time being anyway!

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ABC Closes The Door On Miss America

Written by Vance Cureton

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Network television today is reality show mad. Actresses willingly appear onrepparttar repugnant "Fear Factor" to perform repugnant feats. Would Miss American do that!

Probably not.

Reality television is full of racy reparte between nubile singles. The focus ofrepparttar 110063 shows are frequently about what couple will pair off. Certainly not on camera. -- But that is about as far from Miss America as you can get.

The emphasis in reality television is for spontaneity. Even if some events are staged,repparttar 110064 contestants reactions to them are not. People cry. People fight. People plot against one another. People reveal their innermost emotions. In comparison,repparttar 110065 Miss America beauty "contest" seems from another century.

And speaking of Vanessa Williams. Her "artful" photographs did not prevent her from becoming a successful recording artist. But her reputation remained tarnished for years. Unlike Vanessa, scandal has actually helped reality star Paris Hilton of internet sex-tape fame. { was that whole deal a publicity stunt? } Paris and her equally bubble-brained co-star, Nichole Richie, giverepparttar 110066 viewer everything thatrepparttar 110067 haughty Miss America pageant cannot.

That is, strikingly beautiful young babes just being themselves, and not afraid to be seen as less than perfect { or anywhere near... } in front ofrepparttar 110068 entire nation. Racy photographs and sex tapes onrepparttar 110069 internet are just part ofrepparttar 110070 new landscape. Such intimacies inrepparttar 110071 public domain might discourage certain potential viewers from tuning in. But they won't stoprepparttar 110072 show, so to speak. This is a wholesale change in culture. Just as slap-stick comedy passed into television history with Lucille Ball. Quaint beauty pageants just don't connect withrepparttar 110073 modern audience, as they once did.

Does anybody care any more about elegant, well-spoken young women in bathing suits? Have we lost regard for their commendable aspirations to becomerepparttar 110074 next generation of doctors, lawyers, school teachers, industrialists, and other contributing members of society?

The rating numbers do not lie.

Miss America may not be dead. But she's certainly on life support.

Vance Cureton is the Managing Editor of ReadingPost.Com. A topical website featuring politics, news, and social commentary from a liberal point-of-view.

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