The Biggest Reason To Start A Blog...(and it's not what you think!)

Written by Andrew Wroblewski

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But why inrepparttar world would you WANT to run a blog if you have an income-generating site?

Surely your customer isn't interested in reading about your trials and tribulations ofrepparttar 134264 daily business grind, right? Probably not. However, if you can build a blog that catches their attention, such as whererepparttar 134265 fish are biting if you sell fishing supplies, they WILL come. And so willrepparttar 134266 surprise that I mentioned earlier.

You see, among your visitors to your blog will be a software program known as a spider. Not just any spider, mind you, but repparttar 134267 granddaddy of all search engine spiders --repparttar 134268 Google spider. You see, Google LOVES to index blogs. Yep, it's true. And that, as soon-to-be inmate Martha would say, is a good thing.

In a nutshell, Google loves pages that have links to other pages. Blogs link to all kinds of stuff. Google loves pages that are linked FROM other pages. A good blog gets lots of links to it as loyal readers tell everyone they know to put links to their favorite blog on their web site.

Finally, Google loves fresh content. An active blog's content can change minute by minute, but at least it's almost guaranteed to change daily.

So, if you can find a decent subject to blog about, and you can get a blog up and running quickly and easily, you just might be amazed at what happens to your site's page rank in a few weeks or more.

Listen, with tools like Blog-In-A-Box available to get you going, there really is no reason NOT to get blogging!

Good luck from a couple of fellow bloggers.

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Written by Emmanuel

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Below are 3 typical examples of viral marketing you can use to promote your web site: 1. 2. 3.

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