The Biggest Promotion Mistake

Written by Gordon King

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To someone new inrepparttar business opportunity market this list could be a make or break for their business but it showed me what a lot of businesses online or off-line are doing wrong.

If you try to sell any product you run a better chance of selling it to a buyer than another seller but a lot of direct marketers are promoting their product to other sellers.

If you post a message to a Newsgroup or FFA site they are full of other sellers and you usually get counter messages trying to sell you something.

The same goes with mail order mailing lists they usually contain more sellers than buyers.

It doesn't matter how good your product is or how good your headline or promotion materials are, if your message is going to someone who is already involved with a business opportunity you can be sure they don't want another one.

In order to reachrepparttar 101188 real market for your product you must advertise in any magazine or ezine that your potential buyers would read.

Create an advert that will invite potential customers to send for further information on your product or service.

When customers reply to your advert save their names and addresses to a database or address book and use these names to promote your products.

These names have maderepparttar 101189 effort to contact you and have shown an interest in your product so it is only a matter of time before they purchase one or more of your products.

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Written by Clive Camm

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WHAT PRIORITY DID THE MEDIA GIVE YOUR NEWS? In newspapers, for instance, most readers look at pictures, captions, headlines and other "display" copy. They tend to readrepparttar first few paragraphs of a story rather thanrepparttar 101187 whole story. They tend to spend more time with repparttar 101188 front page than other sections. Consequently, your story has more impact if it has more prominence or if it comes with a picture. It has much less impact if it is buried. Similarly, if your organization's name is inrepparttar 101189 lead of a story,repparttar 101190 coverage is more valuable than if you are mentioned atrepparttar 101191 end of a story. Comprehensive content analysis will assessrepparttar 101192 impact you carry with repparttar 101193 story.

WHERE ARE YOUR MESSAGES BEING SEEN? Although content analysis can't tell your who read your article, it can tell you media outlet-by- media outlet which audiences were exposed to your message.

Not only does content analysis assist you in objectively assessing your campaigns, it can also highlight other communications issues that need to be addressed. Organizations that are sensitive to developing issues nascent stories that are gathering steam and will need to be dealt with inrepparttar 101194 future find that continual analysis of their news coverage helps them manage, defuse or deflect problems before they become problems. Alternatively, content analysis helps organizations identify new opportunities that they would not otherwise see.

Of course, there is a cost to doing comprehensive content analysis. Depending onrepparttar 101195 volume of news items, it may cost $2,000 to $5,000 per month. But organizations that make content analysis an integral part of their communications strategy report that they can, based on repparttar 101196 hard evidence, make decisions about and refinements to campaigns that yield a high return on that investment.

Clive Camm is VP at Verus Public Relations ( and provides the only comprehensive content analysis service in western Canada. A specialist in campaign evaluations, he has a special summer PR package to introduce organizations to the promotional power of the media and the Internet.

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