The Biggest Mistakes That Can Spell Doom For You As A Newsletter Publisher And How To Avoid Them

Written by Ron Pioneer

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Preselling here means that you should spend more time telling themrepparttar benefits ofrepparttar 124221 product you are recommending to them. By preselling, you are providing your subscribers with very valuable and great content that will be of extreme value to them.

This will make them to see you as a good newsletter publisher who is out to help. It will therefore make them to click through to your affiliate links with pleasure.

Many of them will know even before they click through that you are referring them to your affiliate link. But what matters is, 'how do they feel about YOU before clicking on that affiliate link?' Bingo!

The answer to this question is what will determine whether you will succeed in converting that click into a sale or not. This is because preselling is all about YOU and how your subscribers feel about YOU.

If you are able to get them to derive a lot of benefit and satisfaction fromrepparttar 124222 value of your information, they will click through and BUY anything you 'recommend' (not sell) to them.

The third biggest mistake you can make is trying to use 100 methods all at once to promote your newsletter. This will result in a 'jack of all trade, master of none' syndrome.

Know that there would always be other ways of doing a particular thing. Butrepparttar 124223 most important question you should keep asking yourself is, 'what arerepparttar 124224 best methods?'

So, instead of using allrepparttar 124225 100 methods you know for promoting your newsletter, it is important for you to pickrepparttar 124226 few best ones and use them.

When it comes to newsletter promotion, I highly recommend that you should settle forrepparttar 124227 most effective methods, which include joint ventures, article writing, search engines and buying leads. By spending most of your time promoting your newsletters through these few methods, you will make more progress.

A good proverb comes to mind here, 'too many cooks spoilrepparttar 124228 broth!'

The forth biggest mistake you can make as a newsletter publisher is trying to use ineffective means of promotion like surfing for traffic, banner exchanges and posting to classifieds. Believe me, they don't work.

Most people, in fact, hate these methods. Banners, for example, have been classified byrepparttar 124229 big names in Internet marketing like Ken Envoy, as a complete waste of time and money, as far as promotion is concerned.

Also,repparttar 124230 classified ads sites and other FFA (Free-For-All-Sites) should be 'no-go' areas for you as far as promotion is concerned. Instead, spend your limited time and money in using effective methods that are sure to work for you. You could add as many as 1000 subscribers using just one effective method at once if you do it right.

Also, make sure you don't fall forrepparttar 124231 hype offered by so many companies today. Many of them try to convince you that you can send an email to as many as 3.5 million recipients spam fr'ee for as little as $27.

Not only is it a big lie, but it is also very unproductive. You will end up getting your credibility badly battered and even gettingrepparttar 124232 Merchants that you are promoting their products into trouble.

Most of such millions of email addresses were actually harvested from various sources onrepparttar 124233 Internet and other offline avenues like newspapers and magazines. This means that emailing them will result to spam because they neither know about you nor are expecting to receive any email from you.

Lastly, most newsletter publishers makerepparttar 124234 mistake of waiting until everything is right before starting off. You realize know that everything can't be right all at once.

You need to start somewhere first. God Himself did not createrepparttar 124235 whole world at once. This shows that nothing can be perfect fromrepparttar 124236 scratch. You need to start, learn more alongrepparttar 124237 way and continue to strive until you reachrepparttar 124238 status of a guru.

Allrepparttar 124239 so-called gurus you see today started from somewhere. They were all in this same position you are today, but they hadrepparttar 124240 courage to get started. You should therefore start right away on makingrepparttar 124241 best out of your newsletter! You own it to yourself to start right now.

===== Ron Pioneer You can learn how to avoidrepparttar 124242 mistakes that newsletter publishers make in my website: =====

Ron Pioneer You can learn how to avoid the mistakes that newsletter publishers make in my website:

How To Increase Your Sales From Your Newsletter

Written by Ron Pioneer

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Have you ever heardrepparttar saying that, 'like attracts'? This means that things of similar attributes attract themselves.

If you are radiating enthusiasm, it will attract you to whoever reads your newsletter. But if you are writing your newsletter with disinterest, anyone who readsrepparttar 124220 newsletter will also be disinterested. And a disinterested subscriber will surely not buy anything from you or through you.

It is also very important for you to maintain a very steady contact with your subscribers. You should make it a constant habit to send out your newsletters atrepparttar 124221 exact time your subscribers would be expecting it.

It would be wrong of you to delay your newsletter and keep your subscribers waiting for it. Many of them would lose interest inrepparttar 124222 newsletter and even take you as being unserious. More so, you should occasionally send them personal messages to give themrepparttar 124223 impression that you care for them.

I use this technique during festive periods such as Christmas to send out goodwill messages to all my subscribers. This greatly creates a sense of care on your side and your subscribers will be quick to notice it.

This is true becauserepparttar 124224 first battle you have to face in trying to sell anything to anyone is 'gettingrepparttar 124225 person to feel comfortable with you'. As soon as you are able to getrepparttar 124226 person to feel comfortable with you, you will be able to sell to that person.

So, by creating such a feeling of care, you can get your subscribers to love you and feel comfortable with you.

There are even some newsletter publishers who ask all their subscribers to send their dates of birth to them. These newsletter publishers then send each ofrepparttar 124227 subscribers' personal birthday cards and messages. Such newsletter publishers record increased sales from this gesture alone because it showsrepparttar 124228 subscribers that, 'hey, this guy cares'.

One of such newsletter publishers even got an email from one ofrepparttar 124229 subscribers he sent such birthday card and message to. She was so filled with joy and gratitude for that simple gesture because she did not receive any birthday message from any other person.

So, such tiny personal gestures from you as a newsletter publisher can help to increase your sales by building credibility and trust between you and your subscribers.

There are software programs that can even help you to automatically send out personal goodwill or birthday messages to thousands of your subscribers. This will greatly easerepparttar 124230 stress of sending each subscriber an individual message anytime it is his or her birthday.

With these few techniques you can be guaranteed of an amazing increase in sales using your newsletters.

===== Ron Pioneer Learn more about opt in list building and newsletter publishing from my website: =====

Ron Pioneer Learn more about opt in list building and newsletter publishing from my website:

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