The Big FAT Lie

Written by Ray Gebauer

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High Fat Conversion Foods

These are some common foods with their glycemic index numbers, that are especially high on this index, and thus stimulate fat storage:

Common sugar (sucrose)—92 Macaroni and cheese—92 Potatoes (mashed—100; French fries—107; baked—121; potato chips—high) Corn—78; pop corn—79; corn chips—105; corn flakes—119 Pizza—86 White rice—83; brown rice—79 White and wheat bread—101 Cold cereals (most). E.g. Life—94; Grapenuts—96; Cheerios—106; Total—109 Cooked cereals (e.g. Cream of Wheat—100, oatmeal—87 (steel cut is less) Bananas—77 Most juices and all drink mixes and soft drinks (97) Desserts (ice cream—87); donuts—108 Fat-free bottled “lite” dressings (due to added corn syrup and maltodextrins). High fructose corn syrup—89 Maltodextrins—150 (added to many foods, but deceptively not counted as sugar!)

Did you notice that some of these foods are worse than pure sugar? It is wise to eat these foods sparingly. And when you do eat these foods, balancerepparttar glycemic index forrepparttar 131203 whole meal by eating low index foods with them.

Fat Burning Foods

Here are some ofrepparttar 131204 foods that are rated as having a low glycemic index:

Fructose—32 Trutina Dulcem (a fruit sugar fifteen times sweeter than regular sugar) “Super sugars” (glyconutrients) Stevia—though not “approved” byrepparttar 131205 FDA as a sweetener, it is often used as such High protein foods (e.g. fish, meat and eggs) Most vegetables including sweet potatoes and yams Beans—40 Salads—low Avocado—low Stone ground bread and sprouted grain—low Barley—36 Rye—48 Most pastas—varies; spaghetti—59 (but very low nutritional value) Berries—low Cherries—32 Apples—54 Oranges—63 Peaches—60 Pears—53 Dairy products; whole milk—39 (there are other concerns mentioned previously) Soy milk—43 Seeds and nuts—as low as 21 (peanuts) Butter (in moderation—far superior to margarine) Olive oil Soy beans—25 Celery—very very low

There is one other huge advantage to using low glycemic foods besides weight control: longevity! According a study by T. Par entitled "Insulin Exposure and Aging Theory" inrepparttar 131206 Journal of Gerontology - 1997; 43:182-200, high insulin levels, which result from consuming high glycemic foods, promotes accelerated aging. Both calorie restriction and a low glycemic index diet appear to be important for longevity, BUT a diet of low glycemic foods is even more effective than calorie restriction for longevity.

This article is posted by Lori Wilton and Ray Gebauer. Lori and Ray are business partners. Ray has written numerous books, articles, and pamphlets on health concerns, personal development, and success. Lori Wilton is an independent wellness representative, who consults people in glyconutrient supplementation. br> To get your FREE report entitled, “The Ten Deadly Health Myths of the 21st Century” click here:

Losing Weight--Are You Really Ready For It?

Written by Oma Edoja

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(4)You’ve got to love yourself enough to do it, for you, not anyone else. You are special; there could never be another you. And your body is where you live, so it’s special too! Consideringrepparttar fact that you can’t change bodies should yours become worn, doesn’t it makes sense to take care ofrepparttar 131202 only body you have? A healthy body is an asset; it will help you to be more effective in many ways. Lose weight to become healthier, and more effective. Lose weight because you love you.

Taking these points into consideration will help you prepare to do what it takes to lose weight. Remember, you get what you attract. You reap what you sow. To reaprepparttar 131203 effect you must sowrepparttar 131204 cause.

Losing weight is within your power, if you will do what it takes. You do not need to make drastic changes; attempting this is where most people fall out. The changes you need are gradual; attempting one thing at a time –10 minutes of exercise, a little less food, one less soft drink – and then stick with it. Consistence is important to your success. Asking a friend or relation to hold you accountable can help you here.

If you were expecting some complicated formula, discovered inrepparttar 131205 ruins of Egyptian pyramids, once used by Queen Cleopatra, or a system derived by some cutting-edge technology in a Swiss clinic, I am happy to disappoint you! Losing weight is simply about burning up more calories than you consume. The aim of this article is to prepare you to do so. With this mental preparation I lost 10 kg in 2003. This way I have kept it off ever since.

This simple, natural way has helped many others succeed at weight loss, and it will continue to work for all who apply it. Forgetrepparttar 131206 fads. You can lose weight. But you must really and truly be ready to do what it takes. There are no short cuts. No one else is to blame for your success or failure but you. Take it one day, one step at a time. Keep doing what it takes, and in no time you’ll be there!

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