The Best Way To Prevent Cancer And Get Healthy

Written by Novi White

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Yes,repparttar nature produces many important substances that function as good antioxidant. Food nutrients and botanicals they produce have great roles in improving bodyís health. To be exact, fresh foods like fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants other than those you can get from pills. Thus, eating them will prevent you from cancer and many other diseases caused by free radicals. Talking about fresh foods, oranges, peas, and cauliflower contain a very high capacity of antioxidant.

What you might not now is that antioxidant may prevent prostate cancer, which is mostly found in men. There is a study that finds a good, protective effect in selenium. High blood levels of selenium decreaserepparttar 147483 risk of advanced prostate cancer. Thus, men who consume high levels of selenium significantly decrease prostate cancer risk. Selenium is mostly found in most plant foods and in some meats and shellfish. If you are nuts lovers, you are very lucky, as they are good sources of selenium.

So now you have gathered information aboutrepparttar 147484 correlation of antioxidant and cancer. Will you start a healthier lifestyle now? Yes? Great!

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Seven Easy Ways To Do Aromatherapy Skin Care At Home

Written by Martha Stewart

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- Use herbs or essential oils for a scent-sational soak inrepparttar tub that will melt away your worries and get you ready for your day of pampering.

- Use skin softener and lubricant of sweet almond oil for massage or otherwise applied torepparttar 147482 skin. It contains vitamins A, B1, B2 and B6 and some vitamin.

- Steam your face before you do treatment to your facial skin by just standing inrepparttar 147483 shower for an extra minute or two. This will help to open your pores and improverepparttar 147484 effectiveness of your chosen facial treatment.

- Cleanse your face to remove bacteria with aromatherapy skin care that give you natural herbal scent.

- After you are ready, put masker on your face. There is one great fruit masker for all skin types,repparttar 147485 papaya facial. You can just mash up a fresh papaya and sieve into a bowl. Pat onto clean skin, leaving on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with warm water, followed by cold water to close pores.

- To relieve puffiness, reduce fine lines and revitalizerepparttar 147486 sensitive skin aroundrepparttar 147487 eyes, you are suggested to use cold compresses. Anything cool will work well.

Everything is so easy. You can do all your aromatherapy for your skin care just from your house. This will be more convenience since you can order your aromatherapy stuff fromrepparttar 147488 Internet. Life has spoilt you, isnít it?

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