The Best Golf Training Aid

Written by Mike Pedersen

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Firstly because ofrepparttar additional weight, a golfer is able to exercise and conditionrepparttar 142230 muscles they use for their golf swing. Secondlyrepparttar 142231 weighted club also enablesrepparttar 142232 golfer to work on their swing technique. Right fromrepparttar 142233 set-up torepparttar 142234 backswing and follow-through.

Considering what most trainers say isrepparttar 142235 most common mistake made by poor or bad golfers,repparttar 142236 weighted club can go a long way in correcting it. Some experts in golf training say thatrepparttar 142237 most common mistake made onrepparttar 142238 course is golfers trying to hitrepparttar 142239 ball as hard as possible. This not only causes tense muscles andrepparttar 142240 opposite in results, but it can also quite easily result in injury.

A weighted club will help condition and strengthen muscles so thatrepparttar 142241 golf swing is executed in a more relaxed and yet extremely powerful manner, which is bound to producerepparttar 142242 best results.

Despiterepparttar 142243 fact that there are so many different types of equipment, challengingrepparttar 142244 weighted club forrepparttar 142245 title ofrepparttar 142246 best golf training aid is not easy.

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf fitness experts in the country, author of the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide, and founder of several cutting-edge online golf fitness sites. Check out his new golf fitness site at Perform Better Golf.

Triathlon has given you sports injuries? Ouch!

Written by Dale Lawrence

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To keep a minor training injury from getting worst, you need to take some time off. Be creative in your return to training; maybe exercising and running inrepparttar pool can help give you a workout without stressing your injury.

To prevent training injuries, it’s important that triathletes give themselves ample time for stretching, warming up and cooling down while training. Being disciplined in these matters will really help keep injuries from sidelining your Triathlon dreams.

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