The Best Georgia Restaurant!

Written by Ed Williams

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Italian Reuben - This was my lunch choice on Sunday. There are few sandwiches that I love more than a Reuben, and I’ve eaten some wonderful versions during my lifetime, but I can tell you y’all thatrepparttar Reuben they make atrepparttar 146909 Corkscrew isrepparttar 146910 best I‘ve ever had. They use salami, mozzarella cheese, grilled onions, and honey mustard slipped between some heavenly sour dough bread to create this masterpiece. It was so good that I even toldrepparttar 146911 people inrepparttar 146912 audience at our show to go over and try one. To my amazement, some did.

Eggplant Mascapone - Even if you hate eggplant, you’ll love this. Just trust me and order it.

Folks, it’s not justrepparttar 146913 food that makes this place great. Rob and Coleen Rotunno run it, and they damn well know what they’re doing. They’re sort of likerepparttar 146914 Ric Flair of restaurateurs, they’re on top ofrepparttar 146915 mountain withrepparttar 146916 Georgia restaurant championship firmly in hand. The dining experience they’ve created atrepparttar 146917 Corkscrew is great, although I would caution y’all to be ready to wait awhile to be seated if you don’t phone ahead for reservations. It’s small, intimate, and blends justrepparttar 146918 right combination of a formal and casual dining experience together. You might very well see someone dressed up in a suit sitting right next to someone dressed in a Jimmy Buffet t-shirt and shorts over atrepparttar 146919 Corkscrew, but, however they’re dressed, they’re enjoying themselves. Lots of locals eat atrepparttar 146920 Corkscrew, which is always a tell tale sign of an outstanding restaurant.

In conclusion, I’ll simply say this - it’s worthrepparttar 146921 trip. Dahlonega is a beautiful little mining town, lots to do, just go book a cabin up at Cavender Creek Cabins and have a great time, Paul and Mary Hanson arerepparttar 146922 proprietors, and their cabins are excellent. You’ll enjoyrepparttar 146923 mountains,repparttar 146924 scenery, and god will you ever enjoyrepparttar 146925 Corkscrew! Eat there just as often as you can, you won‘t be sorry. Just don’t forget to tiprepparttar 146926 chef, it’s a new dining trend that needs to be established there!

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Chinese sugar fried chestnuts

Written by Jacklyn Chen

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This chestnut frying expert wandered about destitute in Beijing after Kaifeng was breached by Jin people, expressing his nostalgia with several packages roasted chestnuts. Perhaps Beijing sugar roasted chestnuts perhaps got handed down because of this,repparttar same with Hangzhou's Song sister-in-law fish soup, all wererepparttar 146876 Northern Song Dynasty's old custom.

The standard sugar roasted chestnuts requirerepparttar 146877 shell to be supple and crisp. The outer shell,repparttar 146878 internal membrane, andrepparttar 146879 nut should be separated effortlessly when you open it. The pleasure of eating roasted chestnuts would simply vanish if it has to go throughrepparttar 146880 hassle rippingrepparttar 146881 outer shell, and then more effort to tear offrepparttar 146882 internal membrane. The nuts should not be crisp, soft, or worst of all, tough (gen). It supposed to feel moisture in driness, sandy, floury, andrepparttar 146883 smell should be strong and sweet.

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