The Best Carbs For Low Carbers

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COMPLEX CARBS are those that contain many nutrients and have a low to moderate glycemic index. Higher fiber content in these foods means slower digestion, which is healthier forrepparttar body. And these foods are considered good choices by health advisors. Examples of these complex carbs are whole grains, most fruits and vegetables. Legumes, plants ofrepparttar 149727 pea or bean family, are also in this category.

While studies like one fromrepparttar 149728 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in January of 2004 show that low-carb diets can help with weight loss;repparttar 149729 carbs need to be ofrepparttar 149730 complex, low glycemic type.

It would be best to avoid simple carbs altogether. But if you just can't stay away, you should at least eat them in moderation or in accordance withrepparttar 149731 advice of your dietary advisor or health practitioner.

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Weight Loss Organizations

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Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA)

With membership open to anyone of any age experiencing difficulty with food-related issues, including anorexia, bulimia and overeating, Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous offers stability and support to those in need. It is based uponrepparttar 12-Steps. With frequent meetings, no dues, fees or weigh-ins, a warm and caring community is built where members findrepparttar 149556 strength they need to end their harmful addiction to food and achieve and maintain a healthy weight. For more information, location and times of meetings in your area, inexpensive pamphlets for purchase and more, visit .

National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA)

Working to fight against discrimination against fat people,repparttar 149557 National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance offers literature, support and guidance to all its members. They publish a newsletter, write articles, run action campaigns, and host events and conferences, all withrepparttar 149558 goal of empoweringrepparttar 149559 heavyset person to embrace and love themselves as they are. Within NAAFA are multiple support groups, including separate meetings for children, men, women, diabetics, and more. Annual dues are required. For additional information, resources, event dates, brochures, local chapters, Persons with Disabilities Law Center and more by clicking on or contact them at: NAAFA, Inc., PO Box 188620, Sacramento, CA 95818. Call: (916) 558-6880.

Overeaters Anonymous (OA)

Similar to groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Overeaters Anonymous offers group support for anyone struggling with a variety of weight-related difficulties. It utilizesrepparttar 149560 Twelve Steps to empower members to overcome their problems and begin changing their lives forrepparttar 149561 better, with over 1500 chapters internationally.

Participants in OA experience a wide range of problems associated with food and their weight. An obsession with food, weight, and/or physical appearance is generally shared by all members in some form. Some are binge eaters, some are compulsive exercisers, and some are anorexics. Still others are diet pill addicts, bulimic, and/or so engulfed in yo-yo dieting that they are putting their life at risk. There is no membership roster, no participation requirement, and no associated cost. Small donations are often sought at meetings to help meet costs, however. You never have to share your name or any personal identifying information about yourself. For more information, visit .

Taking Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS)

Taking Off Pounds Sensibly is a group similar to Overeaters Anonymous and other Anonymous groups, TOPS has over 10,000 chapters inrepparttar 149562 United States alone. Through frequent support groups, private weigh-ins, and positive energy, its members are encouraged—and encourage one another—to lose weight safely and sensibly, and keep it off. The group sells a Nutrition and Fitness software application on a CD that runs on Windows for around $40. It helps track and analyze foods and exercises for up to two users. And it boasts a database of 18,000+ food items fromrepparttar 149563 USDA Database for Standard Reference, 9,000+ Brand Name foods and information featuring 3,200+ restaurant menu items, including many fromrepparttar 149564 most popular national chains. It also hasrepparttar 149565 ability to track up to 88 nutrient factors, including 37 vitamins and minerals. Annual membership dues are required, around $20 US, $25 Canada, plus 50-cents - $1 per week for chapter dues. Membership includes receiving a monthly print 40-page magazine filled with inspirational stories, healthy recipes and news from TOPS chapters aroundrepparttar 149566 world mailed to your postal address. The group sites these statistics on their website: Current Obesity Statistics: (Source: Centers for Disease Control) •61% of adults inrepparttar 149567 U.S. are considered overweight; 26% are considered obese. •The percentage of children and adolescents who are overweight has doubled inrepparttar 149568 last 30 years. •Each year, 300,000 deaths are attributable to poor diet and inactivity. •Health care costs related to an unhealthy weight and sedentary lifestyle are more than $117 billion annually. For more information, success stories, online ecards to mail others for encouragement, message board, online members area, chat room and more visit .

Weight Control Services is a site dedicated to providing current health informatiion to the public. All information is provided as a starting point or a "nudge" for the person reading or visiting the site. Please visit or call your health care professional for any and all medical questions.

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