The Best Age For a Disney Vacation

Written by Jolana Klobouk

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Disney tips for young children...

Make sure you plan for plenty of naps and rest times, bring a stroller, choose hotels close torepparttar parks or stay on site so you can get back and forth easily, bring snacks and juice along, go at your childís pace. Some children will love allrepparttar 142438 excitement, others may find it too much, so take your cues from your child and go at THEIR pace.

Disney tips for older children...

Give them some breathing room, let them explore on their own if possible, set a time and meeting place if they do go off on their own, bring walkie-talkies or cell phones to stay in touch, donít force them to do things they donít want to do, remember itís a vacation - itís supposed to be relaxing right?

Try to avoid releasingrepparttar 142439 beast...

The most important guideline to follow on your Disney vacation, or any family vacation for that matter, is to not let your children get too hungry or too tired. All parents are familiar withrepparttar 142440 tired, hungry, cranky child. On vacation, when they are probably already out of sorts, pushing them torepparttar 142441 limit should be avoided. Keep an eye on meal times and nap times and try to keep them on track. Rest beforerepparttar 142442 kids are exhausted and eat before they are ready to chew their own arms off. Keep in mind these guidelines and you and your children can enjoy a Disney vacation at any age!

Jolana Klobouk is a former travel agent who has traveled extensively for work and vacations with her family. For more travel information, visit her travel websites: and

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