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Written by Jim Hollister

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7:00 P.M. — Searching for a celebrated chef.

It’s an off-the-beaten-path, 30-minute country drive to reach The Old Inn on The Green in New Marlborough. The exact history ofrepparttar inn is sketchy, but according to “A Little Inn History”,repparttar 139225 pamphlet placed on every table, it was built circa 1760 and overrepparttar 139226 next two centuries passed through a succession of owners and uses including post office, tavern, store, and private home. A wing that housedrepparttar 139227 store deteriorated torepparttar 139228 point where it was torn down inrepparttar 139229 1960s. Restoration work that began inrepparttar 139230 1970s led to a new life forrepparttar 139231 old inn and guests once again returned for lodging inrepparttar 139232 eleven now elegant rooms, and for fireside meals inrepparttar 139233 dining rooms and tavern.

In 2002 Peter Platt joinedrepparttar 139234 inn following a twelve-year career as executive chef at Wheatleigh in Lenox. Last year his position solidified through an acquisition ofrepparttar 139235 inn, making him both proprietor and Chef d’cuisine. Platt has enjoyed a reputation amongrepparttar 139236 best inrepparttar 139237 region — being celebrated in reviews by Zagat’s, Wine Spectator, New York Times Magazine, Food and Wine, Town & Country, and others.

Tonight we want Platt to really show his stuff, so we orderrepparttar 139238 Chef’s Tasting Menu, a seven course epic complete with French, California, and Oregon wines to match. He warms us up with a glass of Grand Brut Champagne, accompanied by Wianno oysters with Malossol caviar followed by sliced squab breast and wild mushroom ravioli. Next we savorrepparttar 139239 seared La Belle Farm foie gras with truffled lentil salad and fresh huckleberry sauce complemented with a 2002 Late Harvest Gewurztraminer from Amity Vineyards, Oregon .

We shift gears from farm to sea with Maine diver scallop, butter-poached lobster in a caramelized fennel and lobster sauce, together with a 2003 Macon from Bourgogne, Vins Auvigue. Phew! Platt’s presentation is flawless. Allrepparttar 139240 same, I am convincedrepparttar 139241 next course revealsrepparttar 139242 most delightful taste sensations of our soirée. We have sautéed veal sweetbreads with foie gras flan, black truffles and carrot sauternes sauce combined with a 1999 Porter Creek Pinot Noir from Creekside Vineyard, Russian River Valley.

Platt continues to dazzle us with his dry-aged sirloin steak au poivre and crispy Italian goat cheese polenta in red wine sauce, complemented by a 2000 Insignia from Joseph Phelps in Napa Valley, then adds a petit salad of Bailey Hazen blue cheese with rosemary poached fruits before concluding with bittersweet chocolate mousse torte with brandied cherries and raspberry ice cream.

C’est bon! C’est Magnifique! Say what you will, but a trip torepparttar 139243 country is worthrepparttar 139244 drive whenrepparttar 139245 road leads to Chef Peter Platt at The Old Inn on The Green. The Tasting Menu is US$70, US$130 with wine, tax and gratuities not included. Route 57, Village Green, New Marlborough. Call for reservations 413/229-7924. Onrepparttar 139246 web at

11:00 P.M. — Get down inrepparttar 139247 Lion’s Den basement.

Back atrepparttar 139248 inn for a nightcap we are inrepparttar 139249 Lion’s Den, an authentic,

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Pillow Menus at Hotel Preston, Nashville

Written by Jay Tradler

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Pick a good book from an impressive selection in their library. Have milk and cookies delivered to your room for only three bucks! Order your own rubber duckie to keep you company in your bubble bath! Enjoy a CD of smooth ocean sounds or go back in time with a library collection of classic favorites. Order chocolates, champagne & candles for a romantic night, or a night of solace on your own! If you're bringingrepparttar family, coloring books and crayons for free forrepparttar 139224 munchkins! Indulge in genuine Starbucks coffee and tazo tea, which is supplied in your room to enjoy as many cups as you’d like during your stay!

Hotel Preston also provides an all hours, full service room service with impeccable and authentic courtesy. Not only did I appreciaterepparttar 139225 speedy southern hospitality, butrepparttar 139226 Caesar salad that I ordered was terrific. Withrepparttar 139227 proverbial appetizer out ofrepparttar 139228 way…I was ready for a main course, but alas. It was bedtime . . . oh well, there was breakfast to look forward to. And it was worthrepparttar 139229 wait!

Food and beverage director, Gary Byrd overseesrepparttar 139230 chef at hand and serves up a top notch breakfast buffet. Picture copious amounts of fresh, firm fruit, scrumptious muffins, delicious pancakes, eggs, bacon, and tasty regional favorites.

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