The Beothuk

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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attempt was made to deal with their culture and keep these people alive. Their lands coveredrepparttar territory from Ungava Bay to Newfoundland at one time and there are lots of Norse settlements in this area so academics no doubt would say 'So What' if there is genetic material in these or other bones that ties in to Europe. They might even re-iterate their claim that there is no proof of cultural impact andrepparttar 140864 integration ofrepparttar 140865 few Europeans who settled here is proof of their contention. My attitude is thatrepparttar 140866 Algonkian and other Indians who encouraged sex before marriage and enjoyedrepparttar 140867 intermingling of species, races and culture were heavily and spiritually impacted by 'messengers' who were white and often Druidic. There is far more proof than justrepparttar 140868 Scandinavian sweat house design or pottery. The most important proof isrepparttar 140869 very attitudes of brotherhood and community that allow people to use and sharerepparttar 140870 wealth ofrepparttar 140871 land and aren't so much into being rich. There are still 'primitive' savages (?) in Brazil likerepparttar 140872 Yanomami who are being dispossessed and eliminated inrepparttar 140873 name of 'progress’; which is an extension ofrepparttar 140874 concept of 'Manifest Destiny', and an ethic that is more of a real theft of property than any Beothuk ever did to his fellow man.

Pierre Berton is a highly respected Canadian author and historian who tellsrepparttar 140875 story with appropriate documentation ofrepparttar 140876 extinction of these once fun-loving and free people. It is a black mark on our collective consciousness and heritage made allrepparttar 140877 worse by a lack of awareness and transparency about what really happened. The effort to keeprepparttar 140878 knowledge ofrepparttar 140879 'travelers' and messengers or other agents of worldwide ecumenicism continues unabated and with something close to evil intent. It is entirely possible that courts would deciderepparttar 140880 white men were invaders and destroyers of a culture and people who had every legal and moral right to expectrepparttar 140881 newcomers to act likerepparttar 140882 white men that had come to live with them and traderepparttar 140883 previous ten thousand or more years. It is possible that we all might agreerepparttar 140884 Paradise that was North America had a better form of land use and education or health or extended family management akin torepparttar 140885 Kelts; and in line withrepparttar 140886 purpose God wants us to fulfill.

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Written by Bob Garner

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When planning a task, look at as many possible outcomes as possible. Look at any possible negative outcomes and develop another plan to handle that situation should it occur. Once you have set a task in motion, do all that you know that you possibly can do to achieverepparttar result that you desire. Pay attention to detail. Look for opportunities that may arise and take advantage ofrepparttar 140764 ones that are most beneficial.

When you have thought your plan through and have done “everything” that “you inwardly” know you can do, then believe thatrepparttar 140765 outcome will happen as you have planned, thank God,repparttar 140766 Universal spirit or whatever you want to call It. Then release your emotions fromrepparttar 140767 outcome and act “as if” your desired result has already occurred.

Never doubtrepparttar 140768 outcome. Never worry ifrepparttar 140769 outcome will meet “your specific parameters.” Ifrepparttar 140770 outcome is not what you desire, you can try again, if you so choose. Pay closer attention torepparttar 140771 details. Learn from what happened and then repeatrepparttar 140772 process mentioned above.

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