The Benefits of having a country Top Level Domain(tld) name

Written by Steve Ashton

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Sometimesrepparttar best policy is to purchase both a .com and a country tld. This allows you to appeal to both international and national customers. The potential sales that you can get with a country domain tld should not be overlooked as a small investment in an extra domain can bring big returns for you and your business.

Gather information about your customer before they start browsing

Another benefit of having a country domain name is that you already know where your customer is likely to be from. This means that you can display products for that particular customers region without having to askrepparttar 108233 customer to select which geographic area they are in. When a customer types in their country domain, you can forward them to your main domain name but display only products that will be of interest to them and have allrepparttar 108234 prices in their own currency. This givesrepparttar 108235 site a local feel and will again bring that buying confidence that is so important when trying to make a sale.


I hope you’ve seenrepparttar 108236 importance of not overlooking this great opportunity to bring in extra customers, simply by choosing a country domain name or simply adding as an extra name that points to your main domain name.

Steve Ashton is a programmer and web developer. He runs two popular websites, Web Hosting Guide and Domain Names Center.


Written by Knut R. Enebakk

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