The Benefits of Freewriting

Written by David Hoss

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Freewriting in Practice.

Freewriting is one ofrepparttar easiest ways to write. No prose, no context, just us andrepparttar 135519 words. It doesn't matter how they are arranged, it doesn't matter if they even make sense. All we have to do is write.

For this exercise, let's buy ourselves a spiral bound notebook, I personally use OMNI.

Write in it everyday. Just one page and one side per day. It doesn't matter if you can't think of anything to write, just write what comes to you, even if you feel it is subpar or not worthrepparttar 135520 effort.

It doesn't have to be neat or perfectly spelled. This exercise isn't about spelling, structure or neatness. Instead, it's meant to promote plain and simple activity. If you write more often, even if you feel it's bad, you will improve. The key to improvement in any activity is to practice often, and writing is no exception.

Keep on freewriting everyday, one page and one side at a time. Byrepparttar 135521 time you have reachedrepparttar 135522 end ofrepparttar 135523 book, I can promise you will be more skilled than you were before you started. Once you get intorepparttar 135524 habit of writing everyday, writing will become easier and more natural.

This exercise also promotes mental clairity. We all have stress and other issues on our mind. By freewriting everyday, we allow our minds to be cleansed of this muck and allowrepparttar 135525 mind to be freed of that so it can think clearer and create more precise and interesting ideas.

Closing Arguments on Freewriting.

To truly be a creative author, it doesn't take knowingrepparttar 135526 magic words, it takesrepparttar 135527 patience and persistence to writerepparttar 135528 wrong ones often andrepparttar 135529 willingness to mold and shape them intorepparttar 135530 right ones. Freewriting will help to keep your mind fresh and your heart inrepparttar 135531 right place, not to mention, it's very fun too.


"Anybody Can Write" by Roberta Jean Bryant.

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Writing Articles for Free and or Paid + Websites to Submit your Writing

Written by Laura Hickey

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prestige to their writing. Some websites offer places where you can submit your writing and they market it. Please keep in mind that when doing this, you most likely are giving up your copyrights to your work. Whomever publishes it gets to keep that. Sometimes you have to sign a contract agreeing that your work may be used in any or all forms of publicity. Be careful when writing for pay because you may end up doing hours of work for a crummy amount of pay. Getting paid for your article may be harder since you may decide to write for a certain magazine and must follow their guidelines. Not to mention if your article is close to one they've recently published,repparttar chances are they won't publish your work. Below are places for free and paid article writing submission websites.

Free Article Websites

Paid Article Websites (under jobs section) Website submission links may change after this article is published. I don't endorse in any shape or formrepparttar 135211 websites above. Good luck!

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