The Benefits and Risks of Pay-Per-Click

Written by Barry Harrison

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Let's say 1% ofrepparttar people who click through to your site fromrepparttar 128333 "professional website design" ad become customers. The cost of acquiring one customer is $460. Forrepparttar 128334 other adrepparttar 128335 cost is about $106. That may be OK if you're offering an expensive product or service, but if you sell duct tape it's a losing proposition.

Use a Common Sense Approach

When you bid on multiple keywordsrepparttar 128336 cost can increase quickly and there's no guarantee that clicks will convert to customers. We advise our clients to avoidrepparttar 128337 most competitive keywords, create ad copy that speaks to your specific target audience, and make sure that when they get to your site they can find what they're looking for-- quickly.

Is PPC More Effective than Search Engine Optimization?

It isn't an either/or proposition. PPC listings should not be considered a replacement for high ranking in regular search results. Ideally you should do both..

Next Steps

In our next REDiTIPS we'll offer specific suggestions for creating an effective PPC campaign and avoiding some common mistakes. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, or you'd like help setting up your PPC campaign please contact us:

email: phone: 415. 642. 3624

Barry Harrison is the author of "REDiTIPS" eMarketing Newsletter and a partner in Resolve Digital, Web Strategies for the Real World.

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How to Make Sense of Your website's statistics?

Written by Donald Nelson

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After you have seenrepparttar overall activity, it is good to look atrepparttar 128332 specifics and find more about how your visitors are using your site and how they got to your site.

One ofrepparttar 128333 things I am most interested to see is what arerepparttar 128334 most accessed pages, and least accessed pages onrepparttar 128335 site. There are many ways to use this particular piece of information. For example, hopefully your order page will show up inrepparttar 128336 top ten. If no one is making it to your order page then maybe that isrepparttar 128337 reason why you are not making any money fromrepparttar 128338 site. Or by looking at this list you may find some pages that are unexpectedly popular, and then you can add more content ofrepparttar 128339 same type.

Related torepparttar 128340 popularity of pages isrepparttar 128341 "click path" throughrepparttar 128342 site. You can seerepparttar 128343 order in which people visitrepparttar 128344 various pages ofrepparttar 128345 site and this information may help you to set up your site in a better way. Related to this arerepparttar 128346 "entry" and "exit" pages. Where do people enter your website? You will be surprised to learn that many people do not enter through your main page. Your inner pages may be attracting much of your traffic, and by learning which pages are popular entry points, you can set up other pages, optimize them and use them to attract more visitors. People have to leave your site sometimes, but it is important to know whererepparttar 128347 exit points are, andrepparttar 128348 "exit pages" stat will show you where these pages are.

How didrepparttar 128349 visitors get to your site inrepparttar 128350 first place? The referrers list will tell you this information. A referrer is a web site where a visitor was just prior to reaching your site. You can see, first of all, that if you have 100 unique visitors in a day, and if 50 of them were referred, this means that 50 of them probably typed in your URL directly or clicked on an e-mail link or used a bookmark, while 50 of them came from search engines or links on other web sites. Here you will find out which search engines are sending you traffic. You will find out which of your links on other sites are performing well. By carefully looking at your referrers you can go to work on improving your overall promotion strategy.

Another interesting piece of information related torepparttar 128351 referrers arerepparttar 128352 search terms that were used inrepparttar 128353 various searches. This statistic gives you an idea of what people are looking for when they visit your site. This information can give you an idea of whether you are gettingrepparttar 128354 right kind of audience for your particular product or service.

Finally there is also technical information about your visitors. What type of browser are they using, what operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) are they using? What screen resolution do they use? You have to make sure that your site can display well to fitrepparttar 128355 needs ofrepparttar 128356 majority of your visitors.

This information can be obtained using many ofrepparttar 128357 log analysis programs, and also some ofrepparttar 128358 trackers which you can put on your site (for example ) give some of this information. But remember that trackers often only give yourepparttar 128359 information about one page (whererepparttar 128360 tracker has been pasted in) If you want to getrepparttar 128361 total picture,repparttar 128362 best way is to analyzerepparttar 128363 logs. By gathering and understanding this information and making changes to your site based on it, you may be able to increaserepparttar 128364 profitability and success of your web site.

Donald Nelson is a web developer, editor and social worker. He has been promoting web sites since 1995 and now runs A1-Optimization ( a company that provides low-cost search engine optimization and submission services. He can be reached at

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