The Benefit of Pilates

Written by Della Menechella

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#4 Benefit of Pilates – Longer and Leaner Muscles Many strength-training exercises focus on working only one body part at a time, which leads to a compressed, bulky muscle. When you do Pilates exercises, you are working your entire body and you elongaterepparttar muscle as you move it with precision and control. The result – your body has a longer, leaner look.

#5 Benefit of Pilates – Improved Mind Body Connection Pilates is not a mindless activity. There is a very strong focus on deep breathing. You do certain moves as you inhale, while others as you exhale. This fosters a greater awareness about how you can integrate deep breathing and movement into positive body control.

#6 Benefit of Pilates – It is Safe for Everyone. Pilates is a gentle, low impact workout. In every class, you are given a modification to address your own unique level of strength, flexibility, and fitness. Withrepparttar 150784 proper instruction, it is safe for seniors, for those who are physically challenged, and also those who are recovering from injuries.

If you’ve ever wondered about Pilates, why not give it a try? You can see for yourself how Pilates can make a positive difference in your mind, health – and, of course – your body.

Della Menechella is a yoga and fitness enthusiast who has been involved in fitness for over thirty years. Her website is filled with practical information about how you can make yoga and fitness a positive part of your life. Visit the site and get your free meditation e-book.

The Facts about Sinusitis

Written by Joe Miller

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Sinusitis Symptoms

As mentioned in previous articles,repparttar culprit is often post nasal drip. Post nasal drip is often part of a cold or flu symptom. It is a sensation of mucous dripping inrepparttar 150731 back of your throat. Frequent sniffing and swallowing should be indications of proactive sinuses. In other words, sinuses are producing more mucous because they sense bacteria or a virus. Sinusitis and sinus infection do frequently occur inrepparttar 150732 wake of a cold orrepparttar 150733 flu.

Sinusitis Prevention

Prevention isrepparttar 150734 best way to stay out ofrepparttar 150735 way of sinusitis. Many ofrepparttar 150736 preventions are also treatments. For example, Xylitol, a natural enemy to bacteria, is a time-tested prevention for sinusitis. Xylitol is now being used asrepparttar 150737 leading ingredient in nasal spray. The regular rinsing ofrepparttar 150738 sinuses is generally helpful in keeping bacteria from settling and mucous from getting over-produced.

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