The Beauty and Elegance of Cross-Stitch Portraits

Written by Caryl B. Grecia

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Cross-stitch portraits gracedrepparttar walls ofrepparttar 116223 homes ofrepparttar 116224 privileged inrepparttar 116225 early age. They brought timeless class and elegance not only torepparttar 116226 portraits but torepparttar 116227 entire home as well. Since cross-stitch, then, was a status symbol, onlyrepparttar 116228 elites were privileged enough to have this kind of luxury. Instead of having their images in photograph or paintings, they chose to have it stitched - every detail and nuance of their image.

Cross-stitch portraits haverepparttar 116229 touch of class and elegance because every detail is carefully considered. Every detail is painstakingly stitched to perfection thatrepparttar 116230 result is as good asrepparttar 116231 real image. Every color and every feature is very carefully considered that givesrepparttar 116232 portraitrepparttar 116233 personal touch.

These days, class and elegance are seldom elements of a household since most ofrepparttar 116234 equipment in homes are technologically upgraded. Everything works in a click, a push or even a snap. Modernization has lost timeless grace and style somewhere alongrepparttar 116235 way. Now, everything has to be fast, efficient and advanced. It appears that people have less time to appreciate beauty and flair. Wouldn't it be nice for your home to be appreciated for its uniqueness, style and elegance?

Snapshots are tokens ofrepparttar 116236 memories that you treasure. And you would want to remember them for always. It is fun to look (and look and look again) atrepparttar 116237 collection of pictures ofrepparttar 116238 most terrific events of your life. Sometimes you couldn't help yourself to tracerepparttar 116239 face of your loved ones onrepparttar 116240 pictures. Your touch bearsrepparttar 116241 longing andrepparttar 116242 fondness forrepparttar 116243 person orrepparttar 116244 event.

In cross-stitch, every detail stitched means every account ofrepparttar 116245 unforgettable occasion is remembered and labored with. It's like stitching togetherrepparttar 116246 intricate details ofrepparttar 116247 memories andrepparttar 116248 feelings during those times whenrepparttar 116249 affair happened.

And whenrepparttar 116250 portrait is done, you'll know that allrepparttar 116251 memories and feelings are captured in that magnificent and elegant portrait in cross-stitch. And you'll always be pleased and proud of it because ofrepparttar 116252 labor of love that was poured in it.

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The writer, Caryl B. Grecia, works for Sphinx Cyberworld Ventures whose website, features custom-made cross-stitch portraits of your choice such as your wedding portraits, baby portraits, favorite pet's portraits and even your favorite celebrity idol's portraits. You can send emails regarding custom-made cross-stitch portraits to

Stitching Memories

Written by Caryl B. Grecia

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Snapshots arerepparttar mementos of a very special figure or event in a person's life. Take for example a wedding. Loads of films are used (or if digital camera is used,repparttar 116222 memory is all occupied). There are unfortunate times when pictures get ruined because a) liquid was spilled on them; b) kids tore them up; c) they get browned being stored inrepparttar 116223 attic and more. However, a cross-stitch portrait, if ever spilled with liquid could be sent to dry-cleaning (or laundered even); it could not be torn-up easily; and should it get browned, again,repparttar 116224 dry-cleaners can see that it gets back to its original colors (unlessrepparttar 116225 fabric used for background is a black woven linen). But, there would be a slim chance (to none) that these misfortunes could happen because once a cross-stitch portrait is finished, it is put in a frame and then placed on a wall for everybody to see and admire.

Cross-stitch is one ofrepparttar 116226 best ways to preserverepparttar 116227 most memorable moment of a person's life. It is because cross-stitch can survive time. Proofs of this arerepparttar 116228 unearthed remnants fromrepparttar 116229 year 500 AD. This could mean that when a portrait today is saved in a cross-stitch, it could live up to 500 years more!

Cross-stitch was a fad only forrepparttar 116230 religious, royals andrepparttar 116231 elites inrepparttar 116232 early age. That is because cross-stitch was a symbol for status inrepparttar 116233 society. Cross-stitch was considered an elegant, classic and artistic needlecraft that evenrepparttar 116234 famous figures in history such as Queen Elizabeth 1 and Mary Queen of Scots (who, even in captivity) did cross-stitch. It would be magnificent to put back elegance and class in today's technologically advanced homes and derive pleasures onlyrepparttar 116235 religious,repparttar 116236 royals andrepparttar 116237 elites enjoyed way back in time through hanging cross-stitch on walls.

When a portrait is saved in a cross-stitch it is like stitchingrepparttar 116238 memories andrepparttar 116239 feelings back to life along withrepparttar 116240 image. Every detail considered is every minute ofrepparttar 116241 memory treasured and labored with. And it is 100% guaranteed thatrepparttar 116242 outcome ofrepparttar 116243 portrait isrepparttar 116244 exact image ofrepparttar 116245 memorabilia because ofrepparttar 116246 accurate conversion ofrepparttar 116247 photo torepparttar 116248 cross-stitch pattern.

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The writer, Caryl B. Grecia, works for Sphinx Cyberworld Ventures. The company offers custom made-to-order cross-stitching services to those who love cross-stitch portraits but who are too busy to stitch. Their website is

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