The Be All and End All

Written by Pamela Geiss

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In order to be successful in any venture, whether online or off, you must decide which one particular thing is going to be your MAIN focus. Then you must delegate at least 75% of your working hours to this one thing.

And make that clear to yourself and others by advertising that ONE thing when you send out email advertising or when doing ezine advertising. Don't fill you emails with 10 different offers. People don't take you seriously when you do that. Think about it - you send out an ad entitling it "The Best Offer Around", or something to that effect. Then you go into how this business is your answer - what you have been looking for, etc. The person reading it is beginning to believe maybe this is worth looking at. Then all of a sudden they see 10 other things you are involved in. What's their next thought? "Well, if that was so good, why do they need to be in 10 other things?" You have just lost an interested, potential customer!

As an example, when you see an ad on TV from a local business, you will notice that they don't try to tell you EVERYTHING they sell in that ad. They give you what they believe to be their best product orrepparttar product that's on sale. They hope when you get inrepparttar 101117 store you will see other things you are looking for or that interest you, which would be another good reason for you to have your own site where you can show them your other offers when they get there.

Now, STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR MAIN BUSINESS and you will find yourself being more successful in a short period of time.

Pamela Geiss owns the successful LotsaPerks Advertising Agency. She also publishes a free and a paid newsletter. You can visit her at


Written by Pamela Geiss

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Where else could you advertise? Try going torepparttar online book stores and getting your books listed there or exchanging advertising with them.

Where else? Go to horoscope sites and see about advertising there. People who go to read their horoscope might also be interested in reading romance.

Where else? Look for stores onrepparttar 101116 Internet who sell romance items - candles, candy, wine, aromatherapy, etc.

See what I mean? Don't think in a box. Try to think of allrepparttar 101117 places people go who might be interested in what product you are selling. There are many, many more options available to you if you stop thinking in a box.

Pamela Geiss is the owner of the successful LotsaPerks Advertising Agency. She publishes a twice a week free newsletter. Visit her today at

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