The Basics of Website Promotion

Written by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, Ph.D.

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3. Create an email signature file Most email programs allow you to create a “signature file,” or text that is automatically attached to each email you send. Including a signature file with your site’s URL makes each email you send a promotional tool.

4. Participate in forums and listservs There are literally thousands of web-based forums and email listservs out there that allow people with similar interests to communicate. Think of these as electronic mixers where you can network with others in your line of business or your target market. Keep in mind, though, that participants are expected to keep their discussion torepparttar topic ofrepparttar 131761 forum/listserv, and that naked promotion and advertising may be grounds for your expulsion fromrepparttar 131762 group. Most, however, do allow signature files, so use these to promote while you enjoyrepparttar 131763 conversation and debate with others.

5. Start an ezine An ezine is simply a web or email-based magazine or newsletter. Ezines can help you stay in touch with existing customers and attract new ones. Many ezines are nothing more than promotional tools, though, so make sure yours actually provides information that your customers want and need. If you don’t haverepparttar 131764 time or skills to create and manage your own ezine, hire someone to do it for you.

6. Write for other ezines Even if you don’t want to tacklerepparttar 131765 challenge of producing your own ezine, many other web and email-based publications accept article submissions. An article in a well-regarded ezine can quickly position you as a name in your field or business. Keep in mind that most ezines don’t pay – rather, they publish a signature file with your article. Of course, your signature file in a widely-circulated ‘zine can do wonders for your website promotion. If you don’t think you haverepparttar 131766 necessary writing skills, hire a writer who will ghostwrite an article for you.

7. Send press releases to news sites Just as with more traditional forms of media, web-based news sites rely on press releases for much of their content. A well-written press release can bring you tons of free promotion. If you chose this tactic, make sure that you create a newsworthy release, as thinly-disguised advertising is likely to end up inrepparttar 131767 recipient’s recycle bin. Also make sure you use standard format and writing style, and send your release only to sites that would be interested inrepparttar 131768 kind of news you’re submitting.

These tactics are onlyrepparttar 131769 tip ofrepparttar 131770 iceberg, of course. With a little creativity, and a knowledge of web etiquette, website promotion can become a challenge rather than a chore.

Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, Ph.D., is an English professor and freelance business writer. You may contact Jeff at

Weave Your Own Web

Written by A. Raymond Randall

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Charlotte promises keep Wilbur from ending up as a holiday meal. She concentrates all her energy toward this one thing: saving Wilbur's life. Every web site has to have a clear cut purpose. Whether a site provides a specific message like "Terrific Pig" or a site's directory offers vast resources and information. Essentially you,repparttar web master, must ownrepparttar 131758 purpose with passionate determination. Spider webs provide entomological evidence that what you create lives from you and feeds you.

Have patience.

Wilbur worries (who can blame him). Web masters worry too. Charlotte gives Wilbur practical advice. "Get plenty of sleep, and stop worrying". Nothing wears down commitment more than worry. I've done it for months wondering ifrepparttar 131759 efforts made will producerepparttar 131760 results wanted. Daily checks of stats and Google Adsense & ClickBank revenue reviews wear you down ifrepparttar 131761 rewards accrue slowly. Charlotte knows better, she could wait "hour by hour...deep in thought". Finally, an idea (or a fly) would show up.

Charlotte's lessons pass on to generations of web weavers. Each of them understands one essential and inalterable lesson, "...we are going out intorepparttar 131762 world to make webs for ourselves". I am not suggesting you reject or ignore skillful helpers; I am suggesting thatrepparttar 131763 decision of what your web represents remains yours. Always weave your own web.

Ray Randall serves clients as a registered investment advisor with Ethos Advisory Services, Essex, Massachusetts . and coordinates the developments at Echievements . Ray holds a Masters Degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Hamilton, MA. You may email him or call (877-895-3756).

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