The Basics of Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)

Written by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, Ph.D.

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It’s also important to use those keywords and phrases inrepparttar copy ofrepparttar 127955 page, as spiders do look at this also. Note, for instance, how often I use phrases like “search engine opitimization” and “search engine” in this article. That’s deliberate. Keep in mind, though, that search engines have caught on torepparttar 127956 practice of loading down copy with keywords to achieve higher rankings, and certain high ratios of keywords to overall copy may actually hurt your placement.

The third place to use keywords is inrepparttar 127957 site’s meta tags, which are part ofrepparttar 127958 coding forrepparttar 127959 page. Again, it’s best to use onlyrepparttar 127960 words that will bringrepparttar 127961 best results – repetition or overuse of variations can hurt your optimization.

Finally, some consultants will suggest that regardless of your site’s content, you always includerepparttar 127962 most popular overall keywords in your title and meta tags. While this may bring more initial traffic to your site, you have to consider whether attracting searches on “Eminem” or “Spiderman” will benefit you in any way. Generally, it’s best to optimize your site so that you attract those searchers that would actually be interested in what you have to offer.

Link popularity

Another criteria that many search engines use for ranking is link popularity. Essentially, is your site linked from other sites, and are those sites ranked well in their engines? This can be a time consuming process for a webmaster, as getting links on other pages generally involves contactingrepparttar 127963 owner of that page and asking for a listing or agreeing to a “link swap”: you put a link on your page to their site, and they dorepparttar 127964 same for you. Again, don’t believe that you can foolrepparttar 127965 search engines through short-cut methods such as FFA pages, asrepparttar 127966 engine administrators have caught on to these, also. Also keep in mind that links on other reputable pages account for a high percentage of traffic – you really can’t lose by having your site listed on other site’s “Links” pages.

Some Final Thoughts

When optimizing your site forrepparttar 127967 search engines, it’s also important to remember that a high ranking in a search doesn’t necessarily mean more qualified traffic. As in many aspects of life, presentation is everything. Ifrepparttar 127968 listing onrepparttar 127969 search engine appears clear and professional, you’re more likely to receive more ofrepparttar 127970 traffic that will benefit you. Boutin notes thatrepparttar 127971 meta name field inrepparttar 127972 coding is important in this regard, as some engines userepparttar 127973 information in this field for their site description. While you want to use keywords and phrases in this field, do so in a manner that still will make sense to a surfer looking for a site like yours.

Ultimately, search engine optimization involves using tried and true methods of design and writing to make your site user-friendly.

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Boutin, Paul. “Search Engine Optimization FREE”

Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, Ph.D., is an English professor and freelance business writer. You may contact Jeff at

The Failure of the SEO System.

Written by William Cross

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There are different definitions of a marketing professional, but for this purpose we are talking about search engine optimization professionals. There are many who call themselves professionals, but who will not go afterrepparttar competitive keywords and phrases. They arerepparttar 127954 ones who will tell you it is better to be happy with less traffic, and thus, less sales. They do not practice search engine optimization, because they do not know how, or are not willing to do that much work. The true SEO will make sure that you getrepparttar 127955 absolute most that you possibly can for your money spent.

There are some well published so called professional SEO's out there that are excellent at promoting themselves. They can make you think their way is God's way with an almost religious zeal and grand speeches about what is 'ethical'. One SEO in particular has so riled people that there is even a web site devoted to showing people that they are not what they purport to be, using only facts from their own site and email, and an open challenge to them to dispute anything said there. To date that challenge has not been accepted according torepparttar 127956 site and it's also well published author. Is this who you want doing your marketing?

In summary, watch out for self hype, do not think you have to pay someone $7,500.00 or more to get less thanrepparttar 127957 best rankings, and do some research onrepparttar 127958 marketer you choose to use. Google searches are often an excellent way of seeingrepparttar 127959 real story behind marketers.

William Cross has founded a number of internet marketing and search engine related websites for professionals. One of the forums he frequents is the #1 ranked for 'seo forum' on google.

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