The Basics of Audio Recording

Written by Ross MacIver

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Digital audio recording was introduced inrepparttar 1990s and has now becomerepparttar 136502 norm. There are several formats for recording digital audio including Digital Audio Tape (DAT) and hard disk recording. Digital playback devices include MP3 players, CDs and MiniDisks. Digital audio recording and playback offers a clean, noise free and long lasting medium.

Despiterepparttar 136503 technological advances, some audio recording techniques have remained basicallyrepparttar 136504 same sincerepparttar 136505 1920s. Microphones are still used to capturerepparttar 136506 sound produced by acoustic instruments and voices. Many instruments today, however, are synthesized, and recorded directly ontorepparttar 136507 recording medium withoutrepparttar 136508 use of microphones.

Computers can be used to automate some ofrepparttar 136509 processes in audio recording. Computers can emulate allrepparttar 136510 functions of a recording console and can be programmed to fade in and out and add effects like reverb. Computers open up new possibilities in audio recording which forrepparttar 136511 most part are unutilized in popular music.

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Strategy Games To Die For - Smugglers 3

Written by David D. Deprice

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The graphics inrepparttar game are done quite well and do a wonderful job of keeping you interested inrepparttar 136488 systems, weapons, and peoples inrepparttar 136489 game, though they are notrepparttar 136490 newest 3D graphics available. Each ofrepparttar 136491 characters and screens is very well-rendered, and I think most people will be pleasantly surprised at how wellrepparttar 136492 game looks asrepparttar 136493 screenshots don't really show it off very well. The sound is rather scant, but what is there is exceptionally well done. It helps provide a good backdrop forrepparttar 136494 game without becoming over-powering or annoying.

Those who enjoy space simulations alongrepparttar 136495 lines of Master of Orion or Starlines INC. should give Smugglers 3 a try. It is a different angle onrepparttar 136496 space sim, and one that works extremely well. I think most people who playrepparttar 136497 demo will find themselves wanting for more, and with good reason! Smugglers 3 is a game that delivers a high-quality gaming experience that is well worthrepparttar 136498 money spent!


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