The Basic Facts About Business Web Hosting

Written by Terry Henry

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Dedicated Servers The big boy onrepparttar block andrepparttar 134351 most expensive! Dedicated servers are used usually by medium and large size companies. The advantage to this form of hosting is complete control withrepparttar 134352 most disk space andrepparttar 134353 largest amount of transfer (Most companies selling dedicated servers allow a minimum of 500 gigs of transfer a month). Keep in mind that this requires a lot of technical ability; most companies hire a network administrator to oversee this form of hosting.

As you can see there are many options based on size and needs of your business. Hopefully you are a little more aware of choices out there now and will makerepparttar 134354 right choice on one that best suits your companiesí needs.

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Free or paid web hosting?

Written by Petr Sejba

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Paid web hosting: (+) You can host your own domain. If you decide to changerepparttar web hosting provider inrepparttar 134350 future, you easily transferrepparttar 134351 domain torepparttar 134352 new provider and don't loose your traffic. (+) Most paid hosts offer 24/7 support via email or live chat and some of them provide toll-free phone support. (+) You can expect better uptime then on free host. Some paid hosts offer uptime guarantee. (+) Paid hosts usually offer enough disk space and bandwith. Futures like PHP and MySQL are standard. Even if you are not programmer you can download plenty of free PHP scripts from internet. (-) Paid hosting coast money :o)

Before you makerepparttar 134353 decision if choose free or paid host you should answer this question: How big ambitions do I have with my website? If you are starting small personal page for your friends consist of a few *.html files then free host will be sufficient. In case you plan to run serious business website, need PHP, database and don't want ads onrepparttar 134354 site I recommend to look for quality paid host.

Petr Sejba runs Web Hosting Reviews (, a list of quality low coast hosting companies. For more information contact him at info*at*webhostingtoplist*dot*com.

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