The Bare Truth About My Butt Quiz

Written by Timothy Ward

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Needless to say, I failedrepparttar quiz. I got 8 out of 15 right. That's about 60 percent. An 'F' in almost all 50 states. Even New Jersey. I, Tim Ward, humor columnist and straight male could not distinguish betweenrepparttar 147028 gluteus maximus ofrepparttar 147029 male and female gender. I started to wonder: Were some ofrepparttar 147030 butts that I said were female really male? If so, does that mean I find some men's butts attractive? Do I have a male butt fetsih that I didn't know about? Do I secretly enjoy slapping guys onrepparttar 147031 butt after a good sports play? And what aboutrepparttar 147032 woman's butts that I classified incorrectly? Has it really been that long since I've seen a bare female behind? Am I forgetting whatrepparttar 147033 female body looks like?

All these questions have been running through my head since I failed my first Butt Quiz. It got torepparttar 147034 point where I'm thinking about scheduling a retest. But this time I'll be sure to plenty of studying in advance. So ladies, if you see me taking large hard looks at your posterior region, I'm not a pervert, I'm just doing a little research. And torepparttar 147035 fellas, forgive me if I give more thatrepparttar 147036 usual amount of congratulatory butt slaps onrepparttar 147037 basketball court for awhile. I'm just trying to further my education...And maybe work through a fetish or two.

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Learning To Be Funny

Written by Bryan Brewster

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Humor often requires a buildup of tension. The story behindrepparttar punch line of a joke is as important asrepparttar 146600 punch line itself. I'm sure you've probably noticed how many jokes use 3 of something. (“Three construction workers were....” or “A horse, a fish, and a monkey...”) Using threes when making jokes is a great way of buildingrepparttar 146601 appropriate amount of tension. Twos don't seem to build enough tension, and fours don't seem to build enough.

While being funny can be a bit of a challenge, it is something that can be learned. If it doesn't come naturally, it could take some effort, and a lot of practice. Learning to be funny might be hard work for some of us, but what could be more fun than working hard at being funny?

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