The Bad Side of a Slide Presentation

Written by Rafael Van Dyke

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No, You Donít Have to Get Through Your Material Whenever I hear a presenter say, ďPlease hold your questions until I get through my materialĒ, that is a major turn-off! Number one, it means that you have too much material (previous point); and secondly, it means that your slide presentation is for you and not your audience. How do you know when a presenter cares aboutrepparttar audience? Itís when you hear these words instead, ďDoes anyone have any questions BEFORE we move on?Ē I really donít care if you a presenter gets through all of their material, and itís certainly notrepparttar 107868 reason why I came torepparttar 107869 conference.

Iíve Seen That Template Before To make things worse at this conference, I sawrepparttar 107870 same blue PowerPoint template at every other session (you knowrepparttar 107871 one Iím talking about!) Could you be anymore unimaginative? If youíre going to do this, takerepparttar 107872 time to learn how to create your own or have an expert do it for you. And try using a background color other than dark blue, it really is played out.

Oh No! Not Times New Roman! If it were up to me,repparttar 107873 Times New Roman font type would be outlawed in all slide presentations, websites, and anything thatís displayed on a screen. Nothing spells MEDIOCRE more than seeing Times New Roman. Itís boring. Itís old. Itís time to move on! Takerepparttar 107874 time to choose something more appealing.

I realize that this may hurt your pride a little bit; but just remember that itís not about you, itís about your audience. Just remember, ďPeople donít care much you know until they know how much you careĒ.

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Written by zoneview

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Dark silver


Capacity and features: Audixp has : 3x5.25" external bays for multimedia drives 2x3.5" external bays for floppy drive and zip drive 2x3.5" internal bays for two hard drives. Total: 7 bays 1x80mm back case fan included withrepparttar case. 1x80mm front case fan can be installed , not included withrepparttar 107867 case 2 Front USB ports and 1 front Firewire port. See-through side-window

What can you do with Audixp? It's not so hard to answer this question if you are case modifiers or mod lovers. Withrepparttar 107868 super bright light ofrepparttar 107869 cold cathode, you can power up your own shown room. Below is some ofrepparttar 107870 pictures using different cold cathode.

At nightrepparttar 107871 case looks spectacular, you can combinerepparttar 107872 case with black light in your room to make your own theme of color or you can even modifyrepparttar 107873 case to your own music box. The available cold cathode 's color is red, green, and blue. The light is amazing. Devices can be installed to match withrepparttar 107874 light color are DigitalDoc5 and NewQ Platinum. Cool isn't it.

The best part about Audixp isrepparttar 107875 price. Withrepparttar 107876 budget lower than $100 you can bring this case home and enjoyrepparttar 107877 beautiful of it. Instead of buyingrepparttar 107878 window alone for $30, you can getrepparttar 107879 windows and a beautiful computer case only from $70-80. This isrepparttar 107880 time to forget aboutrepparttar 107881 old cheap case. Everybody is using High-end cases. Why don't you get one today !!! Conclusion: Audixp isrepparttar 107882 best case for people love to mod but don't want to take hassle or time to do it. It comes withrepparttar 107883 low price compared to other high-end case with modified window. You will love it when you see it. Notice that I don't writerepparttar 107884 review in depth because every part ofrepparttar 107885 case displays onrepparttar 107886 picture with description. Click here to see more

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