The Back Passage!

Written by Thick Mick.

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I'll never forget his adventurous accounts of punctured rubber, mutilated beef, and Brazilian bicycle clips!

How would such an adventurer find time for my great grandmother to be, you might well ask? Well, she had a few bucks behind her, and some clever measures were needed to guarantee possession (old word for love ). Wait until you seerepparttar genius of this globetrotter/globepeddler, depending on air pressure status withinrepparttar 118148 inner-tube.

In a bid to "mask"repparttar 118149 stench of sweat (essential for long distance ), he used a "primitive talc" powder, or "de-odorant dust". By inverting his bicycle and hand peddaling it, he was able to make dust out of any material by pressing it againstrepparttar 118150 high-speed spokes. The material he chose was similar to what we know as conventional coal/graphite/carbon.

Hence,repparttar 118151 term "CARBON DATING" was coined.

While a little messy, he invented a perfect product to "soak"repparttar 118152 "SOUP of ADVENTURE". As with any back passage, more material will be forthcoming. Thanks for your understanding of times past, however trivial, Mick Savage.

Thick Mick is "an expert columnist" on historical matters, with The Trivial Times

A Moment of Magic!

Written by Seamus Dolly

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A relatively difficult physical position is not necessary for temporary mental migration, and indeed, a particular type of costume designed to facilitate physical positions can be left to those who are comfortable with such costumes.

So, while disciplines are of great benefit, mentally and physically, they don’t embrace all, as all can’t easily be embraced.

As children are encouraged to forgetrepparttar enormity ofrepparttar 118147 moment, who is going to look out forrepparttar 118148 rest of us? The moments can still be enormous, and some will say thatrepparttar 118149 best days of your life is when you are young. There is more to consider, with age, as more appears to be present, to consider.

Still though, most grief and its’ facets, are personal. Your pain is unique, in muchrepparttar 118150 same way that your “toothache” is always more painful thanrepparttar 118151 stories of other peoples’ toothaches.

It probably follows then that your enormous moment is not much different thanrepparttar 118152 moments of another, except it is more personal. The point of that is while someone else can be told to cheer up, so can you, and you can tell yourself.

“You either have to know this, or use something that will bringrepparttar 118153 same results”.

“A sense of humour is a sense of spiritualism, or a sense to achieve it”.

Humour is more universally social and less universally personal than negative emotions. Indeed, it a morale booster with known value in production, andrepparttar 118154 only thing of value in a predominately negative situation.

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