The Back Pain of Search

Written by Gallianno Cosme

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I believe that this "cloned information tendency" that is spreadingrepparttar Net, like a virus on steroids, is due to a lack of creativity and imagination. The effort of tapping into ones own resources and deciphering ones own opinion ofrepparttar 127850 industry seems daunting to many people. I don't blame people for rather clinging on torepparttar 127851 already said like fleas on a dog's coat duringrepparttar 127852 summer months. Fear ofrepparttar 127853 unknown is a risk that very few people wish to take.

I receive a lot of newsletters and RSS feeds from many sources. Ofrepparttar 127854 over 17 hours of reading I do per week, half has been wasted on reading repetitive jumble. Ok, so mayberepparttar 127855 wording and style ofrepparttar 127856 jumble is different, butrepparttar 127857 nuts and crux of what's being said still remainsrepparttar 127858 same. Beingrepparttar 127859 busy person that I am, I don't have time orrepparttar 127860 inclination to read "old news".

So why am I going on like an anal granny in search of some estrogens? I suppose that I'm just a diehard fan of original content. I like to have a smile in my mind when I finish reading something, either because I've just read something really interesting, or because I can relate to whatrepparttar 127861 author is suggesting.

Just because I want to learn and stay informed onrepparttar 127862 industry does not mean that I want to be bored either. Nothing gets my natural endorphins running more than entertaining content. The mixture is undeniably a recipe for readership. Readerships means link popularity, and that my dear friends isrepparttar 127863 only antidote for serious back pain.

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Why you should NOT submit your site on Search Engines

Written by Zoran Makrevski

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While submission torepparttar search engines is wasting of your time, submission torepparttar 127849 directories is not. You will benefit from submitting your site in Directories, not only because search engines will find your link there and index your site, but you will also increase your link popularity. Search engines consider each link who is pointing to your site as a one kind of vote and give him a “credit” for each “vote”.

That’s why you should submit your site to as many directories you can. However, don’t expect bulk traffic fromrepparttar 127850 directories. Evenrepparttar 127851 biggest directories like Yahoo! or DMOZ are not able to deliver load of traffics. Fromrepparttar 127852 other side, traffic delivered thoughrepparttar 127853 directories is usually quality traffic, because these people are browsing to find products or services that you offer.

Submitting your site more than once on search engines might slow down indexing time. If you still want to submit your site on search engines best is do that just once, and do that manually. Companies who advertise that they will submit your site on X00.000 will not do that manually, that is for sure. They use automated submission software, even all major search engines say’s in their submission guidelines that you should submit your site manually. And major search engines are what you should care for only. You rememberrepparttar 127854 fact whererepparttar 127855 over 90% of traffic comes from?

Remember that only submitting your site torepparttar 127856 search engines does nothing to increase your ranking in most cases. If web site optimization on your web site is not properly implemented or is not implemented at all chances are small that your site will be on first few pages with results. And having in mind that only about 7% ofrepparttar 127857 people look further then third page, top isrepparttar 127858 only place you want to be.

How to calculate ifrepparttar 127859 search engine optimization is worth to invest in? Consider this: What isrepparttar 127860 annual worth of one customer to you?" Is it 25 €, 250 €, or perhaps 2500 €? How many customers you need to getrepparttar 127861 invested money back?

Optimization of your website might be one of your best investment ever, if is planed and implemented right.

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