The Author Winthin You!

Written by Leanda Wood

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get me wrong, I am by no means a Nazi, and I totally disagree withrepparttar treatment and atrocities he handed out torepparttar 105771 poor Jews. Netherrepparttar 105772 less it did interest me, so after much pondering, I decided to write a story aboutrepparttar 105773 Holocaust. I based it on a young Jewish girl growing up in occupied Poland duringrepparttar 105774 Nazi invasion. I never believed for one minute that it would be published, but after submitting my manuscript to quite a few online publishers, I finally got accepted. I could not believe that little old me would become a successful writer. My book is due for release on 3rd March 2005 and is for sale at most leading bookstores, including my publishers , you see anybody can write, but it takes confidence and you have to believe in yourself. I never did for so many years. I t was only my Husband telling me how good my story was that I decided to give it a go, and believe me I am just a regular girl with no silver spoon in her mouth, I just plucked uprepparttar 105775 courage to do something to change my life forrepparttar 105776 better. The moral of my humble little story is, don’t let doubt andrepparttar 105777 lack of confidence hold you back. Give it go, for you never know where your courage may lead you. You can view my book at

Leanda Wood has written many short stories and childrens stories over the years. She has just had her first novel "There Are No Children Here" published and is released on 3rd March 2005. Excerpts from the book can be at

Five Secrets of Winning Book Proposals

Written by Melissa A. Rosati

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Whatrepparttar publisher is really thinking:

The book cannot be all things to all people. Do you demonstrate focus? Are you confident about whorepparttar 105770 customer is andrepparttar 105771 primary (most appropriate) category whererepparttar 105772 book should be placed inrepparttar 105773 bookstore? Do you provide three distinct benefits that relate torepparttar 105774 book’s core premise?

Question #3: List competing books that you are aware of on this topic and explain how your book differs.

Whatrepparttar 105775 publisher is really thinking:

How do you demonstrate that your premise is solid in relation to existing books? Willrepparttar 105776 publisher’s sales representatives understand where your book fits among five other books inrepparttar 105777 same category? Do you contradict whatrepparttar 105778 book is or is not elsewhere inrepparttar 105779 proposal?

Question #4: What are your expectations forrepparttar 105780 project?

Whatrepparttar 105781 publisher is really thinking:

Do you sound like you expect to make a million dollars and plan to retire on your royalty earnings? Is your goal to raiserepparttar 105782 level of topic discussion and to advance your profile as a thought leader? How realistic are you aboutrepparttar 105783 work involved to writerepparttar 105784 book from start to finish?

Question #5: Describe your qualifications for writing this book and include your latest curriculum vitae or other relevant factors.

Whatrepparttar 105785 publisher is really thinking:

Several proposals are discussed during a publisher’s editorial board meeting. Why say ‘yes’ to yours? What is your media platform? How are you going to be an asset in marketing and promotingrepparttar 105786 book? What’s your track record?

If you are now thinking about you book concept as a business plan, bravo! This isrepparttar 105787 foundation for a solid beginning; and, I encourage you to continue forward. High-quality books written by people who are committed to excellence (in any sphere of living) are in short supply. Adoptrepparttar 105788 publisher’s perspective—how will it sell and to whom—and you will not only become a published author. You will make a difference inrepparttar 105789 world.

Melissa Rosati is a co-active coach, whose clients are writers, authors and creative artists. Register for a complimentary subscription to her newsletter, The Essential Publisher at

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