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Technical Treason and Eight or Nine reasons why an infra-red mouse is a MUST!

Written by Tranni D'Electric.

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Mice carry fleas, and snakes don't especially like infra-red mice, regardless of what they carry so you can keep an "ordinary-red" or "regular-red" snake.

Hang on!!!!......I see thatrepparttar boss has leftrepparttar 118119 building.... should I mentionrepparttar 118120 old proverb?

If you really need to hear aboutrepparttar 118121 other one or two reasons, it will have to wait. My esteemed editor attributes his so-called sucess to "only creatingrepparttar 118122 illusion of work, whilerepparttar 118123 boss is looking and conserving energy for evasive purposes while he is not". Who am I to argue with such a sucessful idiot?

Tranni D'Electric

Tranni D'Electric is an expert columnist on electronic and consumer product at The Trivial Times

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