The Astrologer, the King and the Fool: When will Astrologers be Invited to the Party?

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

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The astrologer, who readrepparttar horoscope ofrepparttar 122331 king knew thatrepparttar 122332 fate ofrepparttar 122333 king “was”repparttar 122334 fate ofrepparttar 122335 nation. They were one andrepparttar 122336 same. He also stood outsiderepparttar 122337 power circle and was expected to tellrepparttar 122338 pure truth, though often it was not with impunity. Some astrologers who gave bad news were dispatched(!) Emperor Tiberius, for example, used to hurl his astrologers offrepparttar 122339 top of a cliff.

In what way isrepparttar 122340 “truth” ofrepparttar 122341 astrologer pure, like that ofrepparttar 122342 Fool? Information derived from an astrology chart isn’t “psychic” or “intuitive”. It isn’t a personal impression or a counseling skill. It is based on a set of rules and a bunch of numbers and angles. It is mathematical. William Tiller, Stanford professor of physics, is quoted on astrologer Dr. Glenn Perry’s website as saying, “Mathematics has been and will continue to berepparttar 122343 quantitative language of science, but astrology will becomerepparttar 122344 qualitative language ofrepparttar 122345 human condition.” Dr. Perry has a doctorate in clinical psychology as well as being an astrologer. You can visit his website at

Thus we see that astrology is a “pure” or abstract experience like mathematics whererepparttar 122346 truth is being told sometimes from a great emotional distance and in terms of symbols. The heyday of court astrologers was probably fromrepparttar 122347 15th to 17th centuries in Europe. Tycho Brahe servedrepparttar 122348 Danish court. Johannes Kepler servedrepparttar 122349 House of Habsburg (Austria) and Galileo Galilei servedrepparttar 122350 de Medici family in Italy. As you know, these men were also pursuing interests in alchemy/chemistry and in astronomy. The subjects were not separated into right and left brain as they are today.

Slightly later,repparttar 122351 skilled English astrologer William Lilley advised both Oliver Cromwell and King Charles 1 duringrepparttar 122352 British Civil War, as well as predictingrepparttar 122353 Great Fire of London in 1666.

In more recent times, President Reagan was suspected of consulting astrologers such as Sydney Omar, Jeanne Dixon and Joan Quigley, through his wife, Pat. When Dixon refused to predict that Reagan would be elected in an earlier campaign forrepparttar 122354 presidency, she was replaced. You can see that one ofrepparttar 122355 reasons astrologers remain outsiderepparttar 122356 establishment is to render greater service by detachment. They “oppose”repparttar 122357 king, president and establishment inrepparttar 122358 sense that they are not underrepparttar 122359 direct power or authority of these entities and are expected to give a detached “outside” comment that can be really valuable because of its purity. Now, let’s look atrepparttar 122360 second reason.

Conferences, groups, referendums and other activities taking place today that address global issues are operating under Piscean Age protocols. (Inrepparttar 122361 next paragraph, I will reviewrepparttar 122362 evolution ofrepparttar 122363 “Ages” briefly.) At some level I think astrologers know these Piscean Age methods are antiquated and ineffective and atrepparttar 122364 same time they are not yet “called” torepparttar 122365 fore asrepparttar 122366 priests and leaders of their own age,repparttar 122367 Aquarian Age. As great asrepparttar 122368 Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, Nelson Mandela and Deepok Chopra are, they are in some sense relics ofrepparttar 122369 Piscean Age and its spiritual rather than mathematical approach to worldview and they represent waning or cadent powers. Aquarian values are succedent, onrepparttar 122370 upsurge, very soon to become angular, cardinal, dynamic and directive.

The “ages” such asrepparttar 122371 Age of Aquarius andrepparttar 122372 Age of Pisces are based on an astronomical phenomenon calledrepparttar 122373 “precession ofrepparttar 122374 equinoxes”. Because of this heavenly condition (!),repparttar 122375 constellation in whichrepparttar 122376 vernal equinox takes place changes roughly every 2,160 year. It is part of a 25,920 year cycle, sometimes called an “eon”. The signs move backward fromrepparttar 122377 perspective of earth and sorepparttar 122378 Age of Pisces precedesrepparttar 122379 Age of Aquarius. Atrepparttar 122380 moment we are in a transitional period. By most reckoningsrepparttar 122381 Age of Aquarius will not “really” begin until around 2060 but we are seeing signs of it everywhere. For more information about this, please visit my website for an article entitled, “The Age of Aquarius”.

Inrepparttar 122382 Aquarian Age, astrologers and physicists may become “king” andrepparttar 122383 mythical heroic concept ofrepparttar 122384 king may becomerepparttar 122385 complimentary or opposing force. The subjective, feeling-based spiritual values ofrepparttar 122386 Piscean Age may be replaced byrepparttar 122387 detached objective mathematical principles of harmony inherent in a paradigm such as astrology or inrepparttar 122388 known physical and metaphysical laws ofrepparttar 122389 universe.

Boy! Party, party, party. Our phones will be ringing offrepparttar 122390 hook then!

Nancy R. Fenn has a fulltime astrological practice in the San Diego area and maintains a website full of resources for the beginning and professional astrologer. Visit Nancy on the web at

Stopping Time

Written by Keith Varnum

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The flashback ended as abruptly as it began. Suddenly, I was acutely aware of being suspended in time and space betweenrepparttar life review andrepparttar 122330 next moment of present time-me inrepparttar 122331 midst of my slide downrepparttar 122332 cliff. During that seemingly eternal moment,repparttar 122333 realization hit me like a ten-ton boulder: I don't want to die! A wave of acute appreciation flooded over me. I love life. I want to continue exploring what life has to offer. I remember whispering to myself, I want to live, as if one part of me were informing another part of me.

Then, swoosh! I plummeted intorepparttar 122334 vast emptiness beneath me. Some alert, unknown aspect of my being spontaneously yelled to Cheryl, "Lie flat! Relax! Let go!" Hearingrepparttar 122335 words that came unbidden from within me, I, too, obeyed, and consciously chose to surrender torepparttar 122336 inevitable.

I don't remember anything after that decision, including what logically should have been a very abrupt and painful landing. All I know is, Cheryl and I were suddenly sitting inrepparttar 122337 stream atrepparttar 122338 bottom ofrepparttar 122339 gorge whererepparttar 122340 current formed a small pool. Althoughrepparttar 122341 water inrepparttar 122342 pool had turned crimson with our blood, neither of us was experiencing any aches or discomfort. The bleeding came from small, razor-thin cuts all overrepparttar 122343 fronts of our bodies. But we had no broken bones, bruises or other injuries. It was as ifrepparttar 122344 only purpose ofrepparttar 122345 scratches was to remind us that, yes, indeed, we had just gone free falling down a six-hundred-foot cliff.

After a short period of wonderment, we practically danced uprepparttar 122346 long, circuitous trail torepparttar 122347 top ofrepparttar 122348 gorge. We were so thankful-and simply happy to be alive, in one piece and being given a second chance. The climb was effortless.

Crisis. Emergency. Danger.

These threats to my well-being were my early teachers. From these seeming enemies, I learned that when faced with an expected outcome I don't like, I have an option. I can open to an alternative scenario, another framework, a different set of rules. I jokingly call my ploy "switching channels." It's an apt metaphor. I simply let go of my old way of viewingrepparttar 122349 world and allow a fresh perspective to emerge-or not! After all, when we truly let go, anything can happen! More often than not, however, I find myself shifted to a new reality-a different station with a new story line that has a much better ending! This isrepparttar 122350 stuff of miracles and alchemy.

(c) 2004, Keith Varnum. All rights in all media reserved.

Drawing fromrepparttar 122351 wisdom of native cultures and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith Varnum shares his practical approach to healing and transformation as an author, life strategy coach, acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, vision quest guide and international seminar leader with his empowering "Dream Workshops" and free, fun "Prosperity Ezine" at

Drawing from the wisdom of native cultures and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith Varnum shares his practical approach to healing and transformation as an author, life strategy coach, acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, vision quest guide and international seminar leader with his empowering "Dream Workshops" and free, fun "Prosperity Ezine" at

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