The Artist Inside All Of Us

Written by Laura Thykeson - Owner of "An Artist's Dream"

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I started painting fifteen years ago. I had always wanted to paint, had never pursued it, and literally just woke up one day and said, "Today I start painting!" I did, and two months later sold my first piece. Next thing I knew, I had a custom artwork shop going out of my home, and later, opened a brick and mortar store that I had for over a year, until my mother became ill, so I went back to painting from home. Kris started out designing book covers in elementary school for extra money. April started out scrap-booking about two years ago, and has taken off with her own designs and techniques. I also work in ceramics, clay, and jewelry, and have sold items through wholesalers in Texas and Colorado. All because I decided I wanted to paint! Go ahead, give something a try! "If you can dream it, you can do it"!

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Laura is the owner of Ice Originals II ~ Collectibles, Jewelry and Artistic Designs . She is a practicing Artist and collector. View her items at

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“Training Your Dog…Is It Worth The Effort Or Is It Just A Waste Of Time?”

Written by Rocky Tapscott

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She peered overrepparttar edge with tears streaming down her cheeks, fearing that her best friend had fallen allrepparttar 116141 way torepparttar 116142 rocks below.

She moved closer torepparttar 116143 edge screaming out to Jack, praying that by some miracle, he had survived.

As she lay down to look overrepparttar 116144 edge, she saw Jack wedged precariously next to a tree stump on a small outcrop about 20 feet below, injured, but alive.

If he had gone offrepparttar 116145 cliff just 3 feet either side of where he did, he would have fallen hundreds of feet torepparttar 116146 rocks below. His life had been spared, at least atrepparttar 116147 moment, byrepparttar 116148 narrowest of margins.

A huge feeling of relief welled up through Kimberley's body as she saw that Jack was still alive.

She pulled out her mobile phone and calledrepparttar 116149 police.

She quickly explained what had happened torepparttar 116150 officer onrepparttar 116151 line and a team of rescue workers were dispatched torepparttar 116152 cliff top to rescue Jack.

Kimberley watched on with trepidation asrepparttar 116153 rescue team carefully winched her beloved Jack to safety fromrepparttar 116154 outcrop that had saved his life.

He had broken his left rear leg and had some cuts and abrasions, but onrepparttar 116155 whole, he was a very lucky dog that day…and Kimberley knew it.

She looked towardsrepparttar 116156 sky and gave thanks that her best friend had been spared.

She promised herself that as soon as Jack was back on four legs, she would start to train him to obey her commands so that something like this could never happen again.

She felt guilty that her neglect at not training him properly fromrepparttar 116157 start could have cost this beautiful animal his life. She felt sad but also happy that she had been given another chance with Jack, and she wasn't about to waste it.

3 Months Later…

Kimberley and Jack are again able to take their early morning walks, but now, Jack's lead is an option.

He obeys Kimberley's every command, and they have a deep, new found respect for each other's abilities that goes far beyond their roles of dog and master. They are truly great friends.

Maybe you don't take your shepherd for off leash walks near cliff tops, but there are lots of hazards just as dangerous around your home that can cause your favourite pet to hurt himself…or worse.

Running into moving traffic, drinking something poisonous around your home, jumpingrepparttar 116158 fence and getting into fights with other dogs…these are all situations that proper training can severely restrict or eliminate.

Think for a moment of how you would feel if your wonderful dog was injured or killed by a car right in front of you because he ran out ontorepparttar 116159 road despite your calls for him to come back.

Training is vital for every pet so that they know what is expected of them and they stay safe in an increasingly dangerous world. And properly training your pet is your responsibility.

Please, takerepparttar 116160 time to train your dog. If you don't know where to start, there are plenty of good books around to help.

Another option is to take him to obedience classes in your local area.

This isrepparttar 116161 most focused training you can give him (and yourself…) but it's alsorepparttar 116162 most time consuming and expensive.

If you haverepparttar 116163 time and financial resources, it's usuallyrepparttar 116164 best way (if you can find a good trainer), but if you don't, then reading a good training book and following it's instructions will give you a solid grounding on how to train your dog properly.

Train him well, and he will reward you for it in so many ways that you can't imagine.

Rocky Tapscott is an author and owner of Just German For free information and articles on buying, training and living with German shepherds, or any dog for that matter, come and visit us at,

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