The Art of Selling on The Web

Written by Michael Bosse

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Placing links on your page is one way to get some buys, but not as effective as a personal recommendation from you. Remember, your reader now trusts you to some degree since you didn't sell to them immediately, but instead gave them something of value, i.e.repparttar content of your site. Not only does this create trust in your reader, it also makes you out to be an expert inrepparttar 127184 field! And so your recommendation carries that much more weight, and is not viewed as a sales tactic. This is why this equation works so well!


The last thing you need to do is send you reader torepparttar 127185 page with your product. This page should carry your product andrepparttar 127186 list of amazing benefits that are in store for your customer. Your Ad Copy has to "sing" to your prospect in "soothing tones", letting them know that everything will be ok once they buy this "answer to all your prayers" product or service. Build a picture in their mind of exactly how they will benefit from your product or service and offer as much proof as possible. Testimonials arerepparttar 127187 most powerful form of proof.


Now sit back and watch your conversion rates SKY ROCKET! This is a surefire way to bring your customer from prospect to buyer in no time flat.

Keep Striving, Michael Bosse

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Michael Bosse is an avid student of Home Business Marketing Tactics & Human Psychological Response. Much of his time is devoted to understanding and isolating the process of selling and market response. He has recently begun turning his findings over to the marketing community in the form of articles, in hopes that all his fellow marketing brothers might benefit and help to revolutionize the face of the net.

Enticing Voicemail Messages

Written by Jill Konrath

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3. Share an Insightful Idea Nothing is more tempting to future customers than an idea that can help them achieve their goals or solve their pressing problems. You have to do some pre-work to use this approach, but oooooh, it is seductive.

When you leave a voicemail, don't tell your customers everything. Only tell them enough to get them drooling to learn more.

To be enticing with a thought-provoking idea, you combine it with some facts you've gathered from your research of their business and your value proposition. Examples might be:

•"Overrepparttar past month, I've invested a great deal of time studying your website and what you're trying to accomplish with it. Based on my analysis, I have some interesting ideas regarding how you could leverage it to create additional revenue opportunities."

•"I've been following your firm closely forrepparttar 127183 past six months, since its merger with Beta Industries. After hearing about your recent round of lay-offs, I have some ideas that I'd like to share with you regarding how you can reducerepparttar 127184 risks of potential legal action."

4. Dangle Important Information Do you know something that your prospective clients don't? If so, let them know you have this lucrative information. What tempts prospective buyers? They're always interested in learning more about:

•Their customers •Competitors •Industry trends •Visionary ideas.

If you have access to this knowledge, use it. One of my clients recently used this strategy to land appointments with hard to reach decision makers. Essentially, here's what they said:

"We recently conducted a study of how your customer's needs are changing relative to decisions on group life insurance. I'd like to set up a time to review some ofrepparttar 127185 key points with you. I know people in your firm will be very interested in what we've uncovered."

5. Conclude with Confidence Today's buyers won't waste time helping you learn about their business. Nor do they want to hear your product/service pitch. Enticing voicemail messages must end with strength, that customers will get immediate value if they meet with you.

Several options that have proven to be effective include:

•"We need to talk. The savings I'm talking about can drop right to your bottom line. Give me a call at 651-429-1922 and we'll set up a time to get together."

•"While I can't promise yourepparttar 127186 exact same results, I can assure you that it will be worth your time. My number is 651-429-1922. Give me a call and we'll set up a time to get together."

•"If you'd like to find out how (big, well-known company in related industry) have utilized similar ideas to gain significant market share, you can reach me at 651-429-1922. I look forward to getting together.

Please notice how these closures demonstrate a quiet confidence and assuredness inrepparttar 127187 value of an appointment.

SUMMARY Are you ready to be enticing? As you can see, it requires some serious thinking, a good understanding of your business case andrepparttar 127188 panache to pull it off as a professional.

Whilerepparttar 127189 strategies discussed don't ensure a callback, they will guarantee that you stand out fromrepparttar 127190 crowd. Creating a series of these enticing messages enables you to penetrate your customer's natural defenses. When you do actually connect, getting an appointment should berepparttar 127191 natural next step.

And, don't be too surprised if you pick uprepparttar 127192 phone some day and it's your prospective customer - begging to meet with you!

Jill Konrath helps salespeople get their foot in the door and win big contracts in the corporate market. Sign up for her free e-newsletter by sending an email to . You get a free "Sales Call Planning Guide" ($19.95 value) when you subscribe.

Contact Jill Konrath at or at (651) 429-1922 to find out how she can help take your sales to the next level.

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