The Art of Reading Your Buyer's Mind

Written by Kris Mills

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14. Am I confident that you have my best interests at heart?

15. How do I know you can you deliver to meet my time frames?

16. How do I know that you will deliver what you promise?

17. Am I getting value for money?

18. Will you help me to implement their ideas or will I be left to fend for myself?

19. What proof do you have that it works?

20. What happens if I don't haverepparttar time to implementrepparttar 129602 ideas?

21. What if your advice or instructions are hard to follow?

22. Are your payment terms easy to swallow?

23. Will I get quick responses to my requests?

24. What is your past track record like?

25. Do I like your company?

26. Do I likerepparttar 129603 person writing me this letter?

27. What happens if your solutions don't work? Will I be left high and dry?

28. Will I get ripped off?

29. What doesrepparttar 129604 process involve?

30. How long will it take?

I'm sure you can add to this list and tailor it to your particular business, butrepparttar 129605 point ofrepparttar 129606 exercise is to understandrepparttar 129607 potential negatives and address them in your communications piece.

By effectively nullifying those objections, you're removingrepparttar 129608 barriers to doing business with you which means your responses will increase dramatically.

So - grab your proposal templates and your standard direct mail pieces and marketing collateral and talk to your sales people to find out ALLrepparttar 129609 most common objections you face.

In an information package,repparttar 129610 most common way to handle objections is via a "Frequently Asked Questions" document. The question addressesrepparttar 129611 objection (naturally) andrepparttar 129612 answer portion addresses that objection in a positive manner that presumesrepparttar 129613 prospect will buy.

Incidentally, a trick I use to maximiserepparttar 129614 effectiveness of FAQ documents is to include questions that relate torepparttar 129615 purchasing process. By doing this, you're presuming they will buy and you're helping them picture themselves buying. Questions like "How do I pay?" and "When will I receive my product?"

Each of these questions play an important role in helping you step into your buyer's shoes. Address each ofrepparttar 129616 major ones in your copy and you'll find your responses incread dramatically.

Happy writing!

Kris Mills Kris Mills of Words that Sell is an experienced copywriting and direct marketing professional and is also the author of "How to Create a Sales Explosion With Every Ad You Write" ( visit )


Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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Now there are a lot of people onrepparttar side ofrepparttar 129601 road. Some are pointing at us and some are laughing. A few are throwing stones, but we incur no damage. A troop of SPIRIT is fieldingrepparttar 129602 stones so they never touch us.

The storm is right on top of us. It started with rain, and now there is lightening and thunder. We are pelted with hail andrepparttar 129603 road is slippery and winding. There are some dark, dismal buildings alongside our road. They have signs-DISTRUST, APATHY AND DISCOURAGEMENT. They are run-down, with broken windows and weeds growing all around.

There is a roadside turn-around with a lot of track marks going in and coming out. The signs reads: DOUBT-TURN AROUND HERE AND GO HOME. We pass it by just as a car makes a turn and heads on back to wherever they came from. The road is now just a slit of what it was. The clouds seem to be giving way and little specks of sunshine are beginning to glisten inrepparttar 129604 raindrops.There is a clean scent inrepparttar 129605 air - spring rain - an aromatic delight of fields and flowers. Then we see it - a rainbow - but not just any rainbow. This one has every color you could imagine. It is spread across our road like an arch and it isrepparttar 129606 most breathtaking rainbow we have ever seen. Just past repparttar 129607 rainbow we come to a town sign: YOU ARE ENTERING THE TOWN OF SUCCESS- DON'T JUST VISIT - STAY WITH US. We have arrived. We are safe and we are here. We are a little tired so we decide to rest atrepparttar 129608 hotel called GRATITUDE. We'll also grab something to eat at an inn called APPRECIATION. We have reached our destination. ©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 Arleen Kaptur has written numerous articles, e-books, andrepparttar 129609 novel: SEARCHING FOR AUSTIN JAMES Websites:

Arleen Kaptur has written numerous articles, e-books, and the novel: SEARCHING FOR AUSTIN JAMES Websites: http://www.webspawner,com/users/rusticliving/index.html

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