The Art of Bartering for Web Services

Written by Marc McDonald

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However, even if you don't excel at any given Web-related task, it's still possible to succeed in bartering. For example, many successful Web site owners often have a large "to do" list of typically mundane, clerical-type chores that they never have time to get around to doing. Perhaps their site needs a thorough proofreading. Or perhaps they need someone to spend a few hours researching their site placement under various keywords inrepparttar various search engines out there. One nice thing about bartering for Web-related work is thatrepparttar 117915 longer you're onrepparttar 117916 Web,repparttar 117917 more barter opportunities emerge. I've been running Web sites since 1996. Duringrepparttar 117918 past few years, I've accumulated a sizable list of experts who specialize in many different areas who I can always approach for barter deals. For example, since my initial barter deal to have a Web site translated into Spanish, I've developed a number of contacts among people fluent in various languages. Through barter deals, I've managed to get Web content translated into various languages overrepparttar 117919 years, including Swedish, French, and German. I now have a number of barter contacts who I can approach for virtually any sort of specialized task I need: whether it's a custom logo, a new HTML design, help with a database, etc. In short, bartering has saved me thousands of dollars overrepparttar 117920 years. The lesson I've learned is: never underestimaterepparttar 117921 power of bartering for any specialized Web-related tasks you need performed. The longer that you're onrepparttar 117922 Web andrepparttar 117923 more contacts you build up,repparttar 117924 greaterrepparttar 117925 odds that someone you know can perform a specific task for you in a barter deal. Used to its potential,repparttar 117926 art of Web bartering can save you a lot of money overrepparttar 117927 long haul.

Marc McDonald is a former journalist and editor with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the creator of as well as several other popular Web sites that have received extensive media exposure from CNN's "Headline News," the BBC, Fox News, ZDTV, CBS Radio, the Washington Post, and many more. Visit the FreebieDirectory at: and AAAPostcards at:

A Special Man's Triumph In The Gold Rush!

Written by Richard Bolduc

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Thomas boughtrepparttar book, and discovered, he could masterrepparttar 117914 search engines and gain some real targeted traffic to his Gold Link Website. This worked so well for himrepparttar 117915 author, and asked me for training in other marketing tactics. This led to our meeting.

I met Thomas in his third year of owningrepparttar 117916 Gold Link, and he told me of his obstacles. He had given away thousands of dollars for a front page search engine placement that never came. As well as other high traffic promises gone bad. His major problem was a lack of traffic, which equaled lack of sales, and that equaled a loss.

However, Thomas never entertained quitting. Not even close. He has been growing and adding other businesses to his multiple income streams on a regular basis. His next project will be an Internet Mall.

"What will you do with your success now Thomas?" I asked.

"Success isrepparttar 117917 progressive realization of a worthwhile goal or dream." Said Thomas. "My goal and dream is to walk again. I'd gladly like an opportunity be a case study patient for any Doctor looking to try a leg transplant or robotics/bionics. Since no one has taken me up on that yet, I'll just, make enough money with my Gold Link site that I'll buy them in a few years."

In a world where Thomas F. Seymour was challenged by physical limitations, he found a way to triumph. He took his eyes off of his obstacles, and focused on opportunities, until he recognized his. The Internet took away any physical limitations. He knew he could compete with multimillion dollar startup dotcom's and win. The Internet has truly leveledrepparttar 117918 playing field for all of us.

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