The Apartheid Wall Saga Continues

Written by Aritro Ganguly

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Howeverrepparttar judgment passed byrepparttar 125970 Israeli High Court on June 30, 2004, has orderedrepparttar 125971 government to re-route a 30 km section ofrepparttar 125972 wall as otherwise it will infringe onrepparttar 125973 rights of some 45,000 people of ten Palestine villages. The Justices Aharon Barak, Mishael Heshin and Eliyahu Matza read outrepparttar 125974 complex verdict- "The route thatrepparttar 125975 military commander established forrepparttar 125976 security fence....injuresrepparttar 125977 local inhabitants in a severe and acute way while violating their rights under humanitarian and international law." Howeverrepparttar 125978 court upheldrepparttar 125979 fact thatrepparttar 125980 government hadrepparttar 125981 right to buildrepparttar 125982 barrier and that construction was permissible on occupied land but that an alternative route was possible.

Then on July 9th, The International Court of justice at The Hague, ruled thatrepparttar 125983 wall was illegal. The non binding verdict said- "The court accordingly finds thatrepparttar 125984 construction ofrepparttar 125985 wall, and its associated regime, are contrary to international laws....... The court is ofrepparttar 125986 view thatrepparttar 125987 United Nations, and especiallyrepparttar 125988 General Assembly andrepparttar 125989 Security Council, should consider what further action is required to bring to an endrepparttar 125990 illegal situation resulting fromrepparttar 125991 construction ofrepparttar 125992 wall." It also orderedrepparttar 125993 Likud government to pay reparation torepparttar 125994 affected Palestinians.

The defiant Israel government refused to comply withrepparttar 125995 ruling. Deputy PM Yosef Lapid emphatically declared Israel's intention to continuerepparttar 125996 work onrepparttar 125997 wall. Ariel Sharon said that he wanted "to make clear,repparttar 125998 state of Israel absolutely rejectsrepparttar 125999 ruling ofrepparttar 126000 International Court of Justice in The Hague." Despite Palestinian PM Ahmed Qureia's hope thatrepparttar 126001 Americans wound "not sabotage"repparttar 126002 endeavor ofrepparttar 126003 international community to deconstructrepparttar 126004 "Apartheid wall",repparttar 126005 White House officials as well asrepparttar 126006 opposition inrepparttar 126007 US condemnedrepparttar 126008 ICJ ruling. In fact Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry as well as Senator Hilary Clinton stood staunchly byrepparttar 126009 Israeli decision. The support coming fromrepparttar 126010 US opposition must have surely emboldened Ariel Sharon.

The only threat to Israel's master plan of compartmentalization ofrepparttar 126011 West Bank to foilrepparttar 126012 peace plan comes fromrepparttar 126013 persistent EU. The EU Foreign policy Chief Javier Solana has pledged to be a part ofrepparttar 126014 peace negotiation despite repeated rebukes from Israel. The ICJ verdict has also galvanized many European Human Rights organizations to pressurize their respective national governments to impose economic sanctions against Israel becauserepparttar 126015 Article 2 ofrepparttar 126016 EU-Israeli association agreement states that trade restrictions can be enforced because of a country's poor Human Rights report.

All said and done,repparttar 126017 enforcement of embargo on Israel seems unlikely as it still has and will always haverepparttar 126018 US as its major backer. Till date US has donated Israel a record sum of $ 92 billion along with Apache helicopters and heavy and light artillery. Israel itself is now a major weapon supplier to many nations and withrepparttar 126019 rise of Islamic fundamentalism inrepparttar 126020 volatile middle east, Israel would be seen as a deterrent or a buffer state. After allrepparttar 126021 US would be quite happy to deflect some ofrepparttar 126022 Al Qaida and Mujahidin ire towards Israel. So Israel is completely at its freedom to continue their murderous occupation, ensuringrepparttar 126023 social and economic denigration ofrepparttar 126024 Palestinian society and trampling their dreams of a free Palestine underrepparttar 126025 crushing burden ofrepparttar 126026 Apartheid wall. The saga continues.

The author is a freelance journalist, volunteer social worker and web content developer who has written in four national and local dailies in India.

Bush, Kerry and Electability

Written by Arthur Zulu

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But what makes a candidate win an election? The first thing is issues. And what arerepparttar matters atrepparttar 125969 hearts of American voters? Security and terrorism, education, jobs and economy, healthcare and medicare prescription drugs. Others are Social Security and veteran benefits, taxes, abortion, discrimination, gay rights, pollution andrepparttar 125970 future ofrepparttar 125971 children. We are to imagine thatrepparttar 125972 candidate that will better articulate his view on these issues will carryrepparttar 125973 day. But not so. Therein liesrepparttar 125974 difficulty in explainingrepparttar 125975 meaning ofrepparttar 125976 mighty E word.

This is because other seemingly insignificant things matter in an election. For example,repparttar 125977 candidate will learn how to smile from ear to ear like a beauty queen. Not likerepparttar 125978 mirthless Bob Dole. But like Bill Clinton. Alsorepparttar 125979 candidate will know how to pumprepparttar 125980 air and shake hands, especiallyrepparttar 125981 hands of women. (One former president shook so many hands that his right hand ended up in a bandage and he continued shaking with his left.) See what I mean?

The candidate should also be photogenic and sociable. Like appearing in music concerts—with a neck hankie and strumming a guitar. Or playingrepparttar 125982 sexaphone. (Sorry, I meanrepparttar 125983 musical instrument invented by Adolphe Sax.) Right! The saxophone. And thenrepparttar 125984 gals will vote for ya. And jig 'God Bless America' with ya atrepparttar 125985 Inauguaral Ball. So you see thatrepparttar 125986 meaning of electability is notrepparttar 125987 meaning. (Therefore E is not E.) For if you can fix allrepparttar 125988 political, economic, social, health and environmental problems of America, but cannot manage a Mona Lisa smile, shake hands, or play a musical instrument, you are a long shot fromrepparttar 125989 White House.

And that's not all. For even if you are riding high inrepparttar 125990 polls, things can still go awry. Consider a possible terrorist strike. It changed a government in Spain. Americans have been warned of a coming one. Or of several attacks. There is even talk of changingrepparttar 125991 November election date because ofrepparttar 125992 threat.

On top of this,repparttar 125993 other candidate may start a rumor about your personal or service record? Or that you are desperately trying to pay hush money to your several girlfriends. Or, that your wife is threatening to divorce you on grounds of adultery. Or, worse, that you have been down on your hands and knees beseeching her not to do so. And they actually publish a doctored picture of yours in a kneeling position with upraised hands onrepparttar 125994 front page of ‘N.Y. Times' or ‘U.S.A Today.' Ifrepparttar 125995 rumor starts in late October, it would have been too late for you to set up your damage control mechanism beforerepparttar 125996 ‘D day' in early November. End of a dream.

But even onrepparttar 125997 election date,repparttar 125998 E word can work in your favor. Let's say that your brother happens to berepparttar 125999 governor of a decisive state that begins withrepparttar 126000 F word. He can, with sleight of hand, make an E fromrepparttar 126001 tail end ofrepparttar 126002 F to give you victory. That is why this new word is very difficult to define. Becauserepparttar 126003 first letter is actually as amorphous asrepparttar 126004 one-celled Amoeba. Whichever way you shape it, isrepparttar 126005 right one.

And as November draws near,repparttar 126006 election will reach fever pitch. There will be name calling, double speak and even dodging of issues. Some Americans would pray forrepparttar 126007 continuation ofrepparttar 126008 status quo, while others would wish for ‘change.' If onlyrepparttar 126009 change would ridrepparttar 126010 world of terrorism. But I don't see that coming. There is a French word which when rendered in English means "the more things change,repparttar 126011 more they remainrepparttar 126012 same." History has proved that to be true.

Inrepparttar 126013 end, one candidate will win andrepparttar 126014 other will go home. Likerepparttar 126015 game of musical chairs,repparttar 126016 chairs are more thanrepparttar 126017 players running aroundrepparttar 126018 chairs. Those who don't find chairs to sit whenrepparttar 126019 music stops, lose out. And wait forrepparttar 126020 next round of music.

Talking of music, there are few languages inrepparttar 126021 world that are as musical as French. The French have a saying: "Que le meilleur candidat gagne." (Pronounced "ke le meyer candida gagn.") Seerepparttar 126022 music inrepparttar 126023 sound? Translation: Mayrepparttar 126024 'better' candidate win!"

Arthur Zulu is an editor, book reviewer, and author ofrepparttar 126025 writing handbook, HOW TO WRITE A BESTSELLER and CHASING SHADOWS!, a book that revealsrepparttar 126026 terrorists' master plan to finally setrepparttar 126027 world on fire! Goto: For his works and FREE articles, userepparttar 126028 search engines and search 'ARTHUR ZULU.' For contacts, mailto:

Arthur Zulu is the author of HOW TO WRITE A BESTSELLER and CHASING SHADOWS! available on the Internet

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