The American Dream, Has It Changed Us Or Have We Changed It?

Written by Scott Johnson

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A secure job until retirement Buy a house Pay it off as soon as you can Retire comfortably

Does that sound familiar to you? We know of course that our definitions have changed overrepparttar last 40 years but lets look at how our grandparents lived and how we live today.

My wifeís parents are perfect examples of this. They bought their house in 1964 for $12,000 with a monthly payment of $100.00. Based onrepparttar 135107 way they lived, for them a 30 year fixed mortgage was perfect.

Now, donít get too excited about that amount, it was quite a chunk of money back in 1964 and caused a few sleepless nights forrepparttar 135108 new occupants.

Letís comparerepparttar 135109 way they lived torepparttar 135110 way we live today.

Today, we change jobs 5, 6, 7 times or more. We move 4, 5, 6 times, or more. For many of us, we wonít have a pension and we have not really saved any money for our retirement. Oh, and one more thing, we have credit card debt up to our ears!

The world we live in today has dramatically changed and as such we need to realize thatrepparttar 135111 rules of money has changed with it as well. For an indepth reading onrepparttar 135112 howrepparttar 135113 rules of money have changed and what you can do about it, I suggest reading Douglas Andrews newly released book Missed Fortune 101 .

In his book Andrews revealsrepparttar 135114 ways banks, credit unions, and insurance companies amass tremendous wealth-what they do, and what they don't do. He shows readers how to seize financial opportunities they never knew existed.

Scott Johnson is a published author and speaker. He focuses his message on the incredible gift that is available to everyone to reach their full potential. He is also the owner of Direct Pay which offers the first prepaid debit Visa and MasterCard available globally. Associate Affiliate Program -, Prepaid Visa Card -

Easy Ways To Save Money Using Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Written by John Williams

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You will only need to look at a comparison of your bills after usingrepparttar gas tankless water heater for a few months and you will see how cost efficient it truly is.

Gas tankless water heaters can be used inrepparttar 134973 home in many different ways according to your specific needs. Some gas tankless water heaters are designed to create hot water for a single point inrepparttar 134974 home while other gas tankless water heaters can be used for a washer and dryer, a kitchen sink, or a solitary shower.

While other gas tankless water heaters are designed to create a constant flow of hot water to two or three showers simultaneously.

Many ofrepparttar 134975 more popular brands of gas tankless water heaters come with extras that makerepparttar 134976 units easier to use or maintain for people who don't want to be bothered with ongoing tankless water heater maintenance such as remote temperature control and an easy to use wall-mounting bracket, safety features such as oxygen depletion sensing systems and overheating sensors.

All of these features make tankless water heaters a breeze to run.

John Williams works tech support for New York based Internet Publishing company, DigiLectual Inc. He's keenly interested in energy efficiency, and did a lot of research before installing tankless water heaters in his own home.

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