The Almost Complete Ezine Promote It List

Written by Kurt Geer

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How to build your ezine list by "buying" subscribers

Written by Phil Wiley

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3. Buy advertising in other ezines. You can find a lot of info on this at Ruth Townsend's Directory of Ezines at

4. Running an affiliate program where you pay people to send subscribers to you. Two ezines that do this are Bizbot and Web Promote. I'm not sure how well this works though. I signed up for their affiliate programs maybe a year ago, but I've never received a check from either of them so I guess I haven't sent many people their way.

5. Directly paying for subscribers. A number of web sites have sprung up which act as newsletter subscription points. The details of your ezine are entered into their databases and a subscription form to your ezine is placed on their web site. You then pay them for each subscriber they send your way.

Most of them charge between 8 and 15 cents for every new subscriber they get you. And it can work out to be expensive. With Newsletters For Free you have to agree to pay for 3000 at $300 a month, if they can produce that many subscribers for you.

One thing to think about before you start using these services, is that when people find your ezine through one of these sitesrepparttar unsubscribe rates may well be higher than usual. This is because people often just check a number of subscribe boxes, then later realize they've got too much mail, and go back and tickrepparttar 124388 unsubscribe boxes.

The best way to avoid people leaving your newsletter is to put out a quality publication.

List World

List World will get you subscribers for $0.15 each. You can elect to receive them as individual emails or they can be added via email commands directly to your list server.

Newsletters For Free

Newsletters for Free charge you 10cents a subscriber. It's a good professional site with plenty of traffic. The downside is that you have to agree to pay for at least 3000 a month if they can send you that many. You can elect to have new subscribers sent to you daily, weekly, or monthly, and you should elect to get them daily. If someone signs up and doesn't get a welcome letter from you for weeks then they might think you're spamming them.

Best Newsletters

This site used to charge you $15 a month for 100 subscribers. If they didn't get you 100 new people you didn't pay, but now they've changed to charging a fee of 8 cents a subscriber.


This one works differently by billing you a yearly fee of $100, but you can reduce this to just $30 if you run two newsletter adverts for them, plus link to them in your "thanks for subscribing"letter.

You can find a lot of excellent information on building your ezine list, on how to set ad rates, on how to judgerepparttar 124389 value of a subscriber - and a lot more - at

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