The Afterlife and Scientology

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Inrepparttar early 80s aroundrepparttar 137295 time this interview with Hubbard Jr. took place, I dated a woman who wanted to marry me. She was fromrepparttar 137296 Anderson family, and her mother wasrepparttar 137297 head ofrepparttar 137298 Masonic women's league which she calledrepparttar 137299 Emerald Society. She was a down to earth sort of person who seemed OK and knew of my interests in esoteric 'philosophy. I knew little aboutrepparttar 137300 Anderson's andrepparttar 137301 Constitutions by that name which are central torepparttar 137302 Masonic order (based on recent research, I've done.). She falls intorepparttar 137303 category of those relationships I couldn't trustrepparttar 137304 motives of, due to my money; but she doesn't fall intorepparttar 137305 category of cultist or fool. In fact my own issues and lack of maturity at handling these insecurities were more ofrepparttar 137306 problem that caused me not to be able to handle what others felt was success.

Her mother was old and suffering from some kind of certain illness. It was a two year period during which she endeavoured to convince my lady's sister and her own daughter to allow a soul transfer to occur so that her mother would possessrepparttar 137307 body and controlrepparttar 137308 mind of her daughter. The uses of rituals according to old books inrepparttar 137309 Masonic/ Rosicrucian theology were involved. Sounds ridiculous, and I only have her word andrepparttar 137310 word of someone who introduced her to me a year earlier, to confirm it. The Hubbard/ Crowley/Levi/Randolph story is a corollary to it, and there are other similar possessions I've helped overcome since. The situation sounds unbelievable when I say;repparttar 137311 daughter killedrepparttar 137312 mother and toldrepparttar 137313 truth. She was charged with murder. The courts let her off with time served, whenrepparttar 137314 trial was through. That was not a long time, because she pled guilty! It is possible this 'Emerald Society' was an inner sanctum group aligned withrepparttar 137315 knowledge of Hermes (previously Thoth's and Ptah’s knowledge) that existed in ancient Egypt and is reflected inrepparttar 137316 Emerald Table or Tablet which we will cover later. This is not a reincarnate soulful transition but is a way of avoiding death.

The fear of death has much to do with many afterlife beliefs, and I thinkrepparttar 137317 Keltic Creed and its related native beliefs of North America have a healthier attitude aboutrepparttar 137318 soul and its immortality. There is no reason to live in fear of death – that leads to a lack of growth (which is LIFE!). There are many books and beliefs that deal withrepparttar 137319 afterlife and various related theological constructs. SETH SPEAKS was a great book that I learned a great deal from around this time in my life. I was never convincedrepparttar 137320 premise was true, butrepparttar 137321 knowledge made sense. Having read some ofrepparttar 137322 author's other work, I'm pretty sure it wasn't a channeling from another spirit called Seth.

As a literary device to conveyrepparttar 137323 knowledge she imparted, it was effective, and that knowledge still makes a lot of sense to me. It mirrorsrepparttar 137324 eastern or Hindu dimensions and causal planes. The focus on an individual ego having immortal life is perhaps a little stronger than I see it; but I acknowledge I might be wrong. As she putrepparttar 137325 idea forth it seems there is a multi-dimensional and multiple personality, which might include a million souls in various timeframes and other planetary planes or causal (material) points of reference. Thus our soul will learn in each of these frames of reference and become more complete when inrepparttar 137326 spiritual dimensions or non-causal frames. The interview with L. Ron Jr. didn't deal withrepparttar 137327 soul transference or immortality issue as much as some other cult deprogrammers like Jon Atack and Rick Ross or ex-Scientologist officials who have escapedrepparttar 137328 clutches of this mind control cult (Jesse Prince, Fishman et al.). In these reports it is clear L. Ron Jr. thinks there is a good chance Crowley continues to be part ofrepparttar 137329 entity or soul that was his father, because he saysrepparttar 137330 date Scientology began isrepparttar 137331 day Crowley died.

That death was no ordinary event. An autopsy was performed on Crowley before his body was cremated. We must wonder why it was cremated and that Crowley had been an MI-6 operative in British Intelligence. This is especially true because I've heard and read that his interior organs were twisted and jumbled withrepparttar 137332 intestines wrapped around them as if a force had caused a terrible death from inside his own body. There was no exterior reason for this configuration ofrepparttar 137333 organs. It is possible thatrepparttar 137334 body had some issue withrepparttar 137335 ritualistic action and intent of these two sorcerers who were in league. If Crowley intended to continue his achievement of power (Hubbard assures us he'll be back or already is, not a very pleasant thought.) in another person he may well have takenrepparttar 137336 advice or recommendation of Jack Parsons (a chemist on rocket fuel with JPL or other government contractors in Southern California, who headedrepparttar 137337 OTO Temple in L.A.). Hubbard clearly was a great follower of Crowley from early life and would have done anything to associate with him in this manner.

As I see itrepparttar 137338 body has a solar self or aura that doesn't always agree withrepparttar 137339 brain or ego. The acts of these two, do not speak to soulful attunements. They would not have hadrepparttar 137340 agreement of any soul that was ascended or connected to higher dimensions, so they had to overcomerepparttar 137341 disagreement of their souls. It would have been a big issue withrepparttar 137342 body about to lose its' soul (Crowley). Inrepparttar 137343 case withrepparttar 137344 mother/daughter it would be easier ifrepparttar 137345 psychics are right about soulful genetic connections in different times and lives. Crowley andrepparttar 137346 other villains mentioned will appear inrepparttar 137347 'heroes' section of this encyclopedia and their retinue of deviates will grow or associate with many other heads ofrepparttar 137348 gorgon known as Medusa.

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And if you still think New Age isn't over-commercialized, considerrepparttar case ofrepparttar 137182 trance channeler who trademarked her spirit guide!

Native American ***************

Whatrepparttar 137183 New Age movement has managed to do is turn Tarot cards (which have a history going back hundreds of years) into a divinatory version of Happy Families. Feng Shui has been turned into a fashionably expensive way of choosingrepparttar 137184 wallpaper. Andrepparttar 137185 highly respected Jewish Kabala has becomerepparttar 137186 latest trendy esoteric religion. Allrepparttar 137187 difficult bits have of course been neatly stripped away in order to make it more easily digestible byrepparttar 137188 New Age fraternity. Meanwhile, generations of Native American wisdom has been repackaged and is now sold as "The Inspirational Thought forrepparttar 137189 Day". Many Native American tribes are of course no longer to be found.

The dream has gone. All that is left isrepparttar 137190 dreamcatcher.

There is nothing particularly wrong with getting in touch with your own spiritual roots. Similarly, there is nothing wrong with having a symbiotic connection withrepparttar 137191 spiritual roots of other people and cultures.

As far as I am aware, there is no artificial New Age movement inrepparttar 137192 poor villages of Africa. But maybe there is no readily available market for it. Maybe there is no money waiting to welcome it in. Doubtless there is lots of money to be made (probably already being made) not from selling to less affluent countries, but rather in buying artefacts from them (at an advantageous rate of course) and reselling them at a good profit to New Age adherents inrepparttar 137193 West, thereby perpetuatingrepparttar 137194 myth ofrepparttar 137195 relevance ofrepparttar 137196 New Age movement today.

Mythology *********

It's time to take a bold step. Leave behindrepparttar 137197 artificial trappings ofrepparttar 137198 New Age Movement. Find out aboutrepparttar 137199 mythology of your own part ofrepparttar 137200 world. Construct your own beliefs or belief system that is relevant to here and now. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you have a valid belief system, when all you have is either a credo that cost you $5.95 or a Feng Shui bill that will turnrepparttar 137201 neighbours green with envy and make your accountant go white with fear.

If that is all you have, admit it. If it's badges you want why not say so? If it's beliefs you seek, then look elsewhere.

What we really need to do is to stop worshipping at shop windows and to get away fromrepparttar 137202 notion thatrepparttar 137203 ring of a cash register equals divine revelation. And above all we need to learn to trust ourselves again rather than always feeling a need to follow other people's paths. Our belief systems ought to evolve organically and naturally rather than having to be constructed, like Frankenstein's monster, fromrepparttar 137204 leftover bits and pieces of everybody else's.

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